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journalPad is the best personal journal and diary, for your iPad. Whether your needs are simple or you must have multiple private journals and separate topics, journalPad makes journaling on your iPad as easy as it was with pen and paper. Check out the demo video at or click "...More" below.

"This is a clean, easy to use and nicely laid out app. Having multiple journal entries that can be individually password protected is what really makes it special." -

✔ Quickly and easily type your journal entry.
✔ Search for things that you have recorded in the past.
✔ Email your journal pages.
✔ Print your journal pages with AirPrint.
✔ Password protect your journal to keep your private thoughts private.
✔ Keep multiple journals for different topics or for different members of your family.
✔ Each journal has its own settings and password, so each family member can have his or her own private journal, even if you only have one iPad.
✔ Keep pictures in your journal entries.
✔ Easily import journal entries from text files on your computer through iTunes.
✔ Export all of your journal entries for safe keeping on your computer.
✔ Turn your iPad to the position that feels most comfortable and journalPad will adjust for you.
✔ Change the background and font to give your journal the appearance that you like the most.

The iPad gives the world a whole new user experience, and journalPad has the features that you will come to expect in an electronic journal.

There are lots of ways to get more information and to take part in making journalPad even better:
Demo video:
Our web site:

After you have purchased journalPad, visit the "Extras" section and use the in-app feedback form to communicate with us without ever leaving your journal!

We and thousands others like us use journalPad every day. If you are having issues, have questions or need assistance, leaving negative reviews in iTunes leaves us with no opportunity to help. Please come to or use the in-app support link to contact us and let us show you what customer service is all about.