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Pocket Slide Rule Expert

When it comes to nerd street cred, having a slide rule is not enough. You need to know how to use it!

Hence, Pocket Slide Rule Expert. This has the style of a classic rule, including great precision, but can also show you how to DO calculations. Learn simply by watching auto-slide-rule mode.

Select from 19 different basic operations, including:

-Multiplication and Division
-Squares, Cubes, arbitrary powers
-Logarithms, both natural and base 10
-Trigonometric and reverse trig functions

Think you can't perform precise calculations using a touch screen? Not at all! Try the newly-added "brakes" button. By holding it down, you can move the cursor and slider with extreme precision.

Are you a power user? Then check out the 'Snaps.' With the click of a button, quickly save a slider position -- and reuse it time and time again. Multiply by the square root of 2 a lot? Make a button for it!

Speed, accuracy, and a teacher right there with you.