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chiu ting lin
There are many ways to make a modern photo, and the fastest way to have a modern photo is changing your photo from different parts of it. [PieceFoto] can select different parts of photo by dividing it into many square areas, then you can change each square's size, position, color tone and filter effect. Let's get the fun of deconstruction!

In addition, [PieceFoto] offers 12 special fonts which is free to change size, position and color, let your photos full with modern style.

* every individual parts from photo is free to change color tone, size, position and filter effect.
** The filters and effects independently for the cutting part and the back.
* Effects: Che style, half color , yellowish,grascale,edge …etc.
* Filter:Hue, Saturation,contrast,blur,brightness,sharpen
* 12 special fonts and 48 system fonts option

* In-App purchase1:Color Kit ,Allow you to change any color of the pieces and the back. The color strength is adjustable.

In-app purchase2 - Gradient Colors

* 40 gradient colors available for you to make gradient color on the back part of the photo
* 5 synthesis styles to synthesis the original photo and the gradient color .

Demo Video