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Instafy for Instagram

Kentdome LLC
Instafy enables you to create beautiful graphical Instagram statistics, and to show off your Most Popular Images by summarizing them into a collage using your iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® which then can be shared with friends via Instagram, Email, and iMessage.

Kudos to you! Your Instagram artwork is amazing and beloved by many.

As your following grows, you’ll want to know what style of visual flair drives your “loves” and “likes”. With Instafy, you can easily gather useful statistics to gauge how strong your artwork is trending; useful if you wish to cater content to drive maximum praise, or experiment with visual styles to diversify your repertoire. From cute animal pics to abstract works of “what?” you can amaze and inspire with confidence! Seed your creativity and show-off with pride!

Instafy Features
■ A real-time snapshot of your Instagram activity
■ “My Stats Badge” highlights total likes and comments for social bragging
■ “Awesome Badge” displays your top four images and generates a “Superstar Rank”
■ “Most Popular Collage” arranges your highest trending images at a glance
■ Share and Show-off your stats directly via Instagram, photo library, or Email
■ Gain valuable insight to polish your Instagram presence

Instafy uses Instagram's public API. Instafy is not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by Instagram™ or their affiliates. Instafy does not have any business relationship with Facebook™.