Earthquake Apps


With so many earthquakes riddling and rattling the earth’s surface lately one would almost be in danger without at least one or two earthquake apps to keep you informed.

Essential Apps

  • $0.99

    QuakeZones Pro - Earthquake Info With Push Notification

    by AppDudes

    The great thing about QuakeZones Pro and the reason it sits in the should buy category is that it contains information on historical earthquakes from the last 30 years, so you’re not just getting quakes from the past 7 days like most other quake apps. If you ever needed to get a hold of information from the 2004 Indonesian earthquake and all of its aftershocks, you have it, along with the M8.8 Chile quake, M7.0 Haiti quake, the M7.2 Baja California, Mexico quake, and any other quake you can possibly think of. Also, this app works in tandem with dedicated servers and offers Enhanced Mobile Notification for those wanting to be among the very first to know of major (and minor) earthquakes worldwide. QuakeZones Pro also comes with Tsunami warning information, a database of over 300,000 searchable cities worldwide, filtering by year, magnitude, and number of quakes displayed, and much, much more. Oh, did I mention that it’s all displayed in HD on the iPad’s gorgeous 10-inch screen? For $2.99 this is the quake app to have. It also has a free baby brother app called “QuakeZones – Current and Historical Earthquakes” that is lacking in a lot of features that this app sports and is for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

  • $0.99

    QuakeWatch - Latest Earthquakes Info

    by LateNightProjects

    How about a .99 cent quake app that tracks all quakes from as minor as 1.0 and stronger around the world, a choice of reporting services in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy, color-coded hotspots according to strength, a quick link to NOAA for tsunami information, information about earthquakes like the distance from cities, historical maps, shake maps, etc., and many filtering options? Yeah, I thought so. Go get it.

Notable Apps

  • $1.99


    by Morgan Software, LLC

    One of only a few quake apps for the iPad, iEarthQuake allows earthquake text searching, allowing you to view the earthquake alerts from USGS feeds around the world, email those alerts, and see the USGS webpage with earthquake locations on a map with satellite photos. Other features include searching by magnitude, actual historical photographs and satellite images of earthquake aftermaths, and several ways to filter data.

  • $0.99

    iFeltThat Earthquake

    by Danny Goodman

    Did you feel that? I didn’t either, but you can be certain there was a quake with iFeltThat Earthquake, a quake app that shows you microquake activity down to a 0.1 in the US and 4.5 in other regions. It also features a USGS Shake map, customizable regions, set unlimited number of center points from your Address Book to keep on eye on regions where loved ones or friends may live, and of course a map.

Decent Apps

  • $0.99


    by Morgan Software, LLC

    I mention this because it is currently the only dedicated tsunami app in the entire app store, and it is quite feature rich. Tsunamis are, of course, specific to the ocean, so only quakes located there are reported. Features include the ability to pan and zoom around a map, live feeds from NOAA, ability to display the NOAA website, emailable alerts, and the ability to display all major tsunami NOAA animations directly from your iPad.

Other Apps