Best iPad Comic Books Apps

Experience Comics The Digital Way


The iPad brings comic books to life. The iPad can show comic books in ways paper never could. This AppGuide will help you pick out the best app for reading your favorite comics.

Essential Apps

  • Free


    by comiXology

    Comics for the iPad is the essential comic reading app for the iPad. The app is the same engine that Marvel Comics licensed for their own app. The app includes more than 300 free comics as a part of the free app. These free comics are to entice you to purchase the followup comics. The app allows you to purchase content from Marvel, DC, Image, Dynamite, Red 5, TokyoPop, Zenescope, and dozens more. The app makes reading comics fun. Comics can be read in a cinematic way of artfully moving from slide to slide. The comics can also be read in the more traditional way of looking at the entire page and moving on to the next page. Any comic purchased from within the app can be read on the iPad or on the web at Comics is the essential app because of its massive catalogue and great reading experience.

Notable Apps

  • $7.99

    Comic Zeal Comic Reader

    by bitolithic

    ComicZeal is the app to grab if you already have a ton of digital comic books. The app supports CBZ, CBR, RAR, ZIP, and PDF formats. The app provides wonderful ways to organize your comics into the different series. The app can customize the reading experience to meet your needs. The app is a simply great way to store, read, and organize your digital comics on your iPad. This app is notable because it requires acquiring your content outside of any official store. There is no integration with any kind of store for this app and for many that will be a deal breaker.

  • Free

    CloudReaders pdf,cbz,cbr

    by Cloud Readers

    CloudReaders is a free alternative to ComicZeal. The app supports PDF, CBZ, ZIP, CBR and RAR comic books. The app also comes with a built in way to download public domain comic books. The app supports video output, which can be great if you need to present and share about comic books. The app includes a built-in brightness controller and annotations. The app is better than many of the paid comic book reader apps. If you are okay with public domain comic books and importing your own comic books, this is a wonderful app to have.

  • Free


    by Lexcycle

    Stanza is a wonderful ebook reading app for the iPad. It supports comic books as well as ePub books. It supports CBR and CBZ formats for comic books. The app provides many controls to customize the reading experience. The app is great because it can be used as your general purpose ebook reader for all of your DRM free content. Stanza does provide access to some ebook stores, but no comic book stores. The app is a nice one to have along with your more official store integrated apps.

  • Free

    Marvel Comics

    by Marvel Entertainment

    Marvel Comics for the iPad is empowered by the Comics app. The Marvel app provides access to all of your favorite Marvel comics like Iron Man. The app comes with some free comics, but is mainly used to purchase comics. All of your purchases are backed up by a login at Marvel Comics online. This makes upgrading your iPad very simple. The app has a great reading experience, but is limited to just Marvel’s content. The Marvel Comics app is a good, but not essential app to have.

Decent Apps

  • $4.99

    Comic Viewer

    by DenVog, LLC

    ComicViewer is an alternative to the other comic book reading apps. The app supports CBR, CBZ, JPG, PNG, and GIF books. The app also has a built-in browser to download books from websites. The app allows you to organize your comic books into stacks (similar to what you do with apps on the iPad). The app is designed to be a clone of iBooks for comic books. The interface should be very familiar to anyone who has used iBooks before. The app is a nice one to have, but a bit pricey for the feature set.

  • Free

    Digital Comics

    by Madcap Studios, inc.

    DC Comic Viewer is a beautiful app that takes Apple’s Cover Flow technology and applies it to comics. The app allows you to download content directly from it in the form of In-App Purchases but falls short in the amount of content it provides which is very little. Don’t expect to find many of your favorites here because you simply won’t. With that being said DC Comic Viewer is a good app for somebody who likes to read any type of comic books, and at the price of free nothing can stop you from taking a peek at this app and seeing what it offers.

Other Apps