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If you love to play golf, then you know how important it is to have accurate yardage information on hand. The App Store is full of golfing apps so it can be difficult to choose the right app for your golf course GPS needs. And since most gps apps are some of the most expensive apps in the store, it makes it even harder to pick just the right one. This AppGuide will help you choose between the essential apps and show you which ones to stay away from. So get your iPhone out, load up on a great Golf GPS App, and watch your game improve!

Essential Apps

Viewti Golf GPS

by ViewTi LLC

A super cool 3D flyover makes this Golf GPS an essential one. It's graphic use of satellite imagery, and ease of use is a plus. I found that Viewti Golf 2010 has every course around me and love the way it calculates accurate yardage. It also has a player tracker feature that allows you to enter the club you used, greens hit in regulation, whether your drive it the fairway, rough, or bunker, and isn't really a battery hog. Only draw back is, your golfing buddies may be depending on you to show them your iPhone on every shot!

OhMyGolf HD - Golf GPS and Scorecard

by iPinWheel

It's hard to beat OhMyGolf HD as an accurate on course GPS, and scoring app. The graphics are great and rival those of a country club cart GPS. Instead of using satellite imagery, OhMyGolf HD has a drawn graphics of each course complete with every hazard on the course. It's simple to use. Just touch anywhere on the course map on your iPhone and accurate yardage is displayed. You can also keep score for your foursome. Just tilt your iPhone to landscape and the score card appears. If you're used to golf-cart GPS displays, you should love OhMyGolf HD for your iPhone or your iPad.

FreeCaddie Pro

by Mobile Software Design, LLC

Though it's called "FreeCaddie" it's unfortunately not free! But that's a good thing actually because most of the free gps apps are either terrible, or aren't really "free" if you want to use all the features. There's no purchase necessary after the initial download of FreeCaddie Pro. What I liked best about this golf gps is that all the hazards and boundaries have yardage markers on the map. Also, if you want to view just the yardage and not the map, FreeCaddie Pro does a great job with this simple feature. It's a great, easy to use, accurate golf gps worthy of essential download status!

GolfLink Game Tracker & GPS

by Demand Media, Inc.

GolfLink Game Tracker & GPS is accurately named as it provides just what it's name suggests. Simple to use and adds a "sleep mode" feature that promises to not drain the battery, but keep the app running in the background. Though it may not be as graphically powerful as some of the above mentioned apps, it still ranks high as an essential option.

Notable Apps

Golfshot: Golf GPS

by Shotzoom Software

A powerful golf gps no doubt, just a little pricey at $29.99. It does however have a beautiful look and feel with statistical data displayed on your game with stunning graphics. Of course, you're also getting over 33,000 free golf course maps, but you should after the price. If you're an avid golfer keeping track of every shot, then Golfshot: Golf GPS may be just the app you're looking for.

AirVue Golf

by Locaxion LLC

This is a great app for the price. It's visually pleasing and does offer some features that the essential apps do, like customizable mapping, distances from markers on the course. Also has scoring, player tracker, and visual chart stats, and a "club caddie" that suggests which club to use based on previously entered stats. Easy to use and should help your game.

FlyCaddie Golf

by Xcorp Mobile Solutions, LLC

FlyCaddie Golf is a super simple app to use, but for the price, it's just not what some of the essential apps are. Good, not great graphics, and a simple score keeper. Not quite as many courses found with this one either.

Decent Apps

ProCreative Golf 10

by ProCreative, Inc.

Super slick design and truly a beautiful app. This one has most everything anyone could want in a golf gps app. Just a little buggy in my experience, but should be fixed with some future updates. If this one begins to work as good as it looks, it'll be an essential app for sure!

Free Golf GPS & Scorecard - Swing by Swing Golf

by Swing by Swing Golf

This one is decent as a gps but if you want to "track your game like a pro" as the app suggests, it'll cost you an additional $11.99. It's really just not that good of an app to use regularly, but at least it offers free mapping and fairly accurate yardages with a touch of your finger.

Other Apps
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