Activity Monitors For The iPad

Keep track of what goes on under the hood.


There are times when you want to know what is going on under the hood of the iPad. Apple does not provide any built-in apps to do this. However, there are numerous third party apps that let you take a peek and even free up memory. In this AppGuide we will guide you through the best.

Essential Apps

  • $2.99

    System Status - activity monitor, network info, battery charge & memory manager

    by Techet

    System Status provides one of the cleanest and most efficient interfaces for an app of this kind. The app almost looks like the built-in settings app, but instead it displays your device details. The app supports fast app switching and real time updates. The app monitors your battery, disk, memory, cell, network, processes, and CPU. The app also displays system boot time and uptime, operating system/kernel version, device model, user name, UDID, and much more. Due to recent updates, the app will even free up your memory. They've also added file statistics, network connection list, routing table, system log and more. System Status offers one of the best interfaces for accessing all of this great information.

Notable Apps

  • $0.99

    System Activity Monitor for iPad

    by Recession Apps

    System Activity Monitor is an excellent alternative to the essential app. The app will automatically free memory when you launch it. When the app frees up memory you should find your iPad snappier and apps crashing less often. The app gives detailed information about your memory usage including free memory, wired memory, active memory, inactive memory and page ins/outs. The app also shows you your storage data, running processes, CPU usage, Wi-Fi IP address, and your device information such as your UDID number. The app is built upon a very poor user interface, but the functionality is very nice and provides the information you need.

  • $0.99

    Activity Monitor Touch

    by HandyPadSoft

    Activity Monitor Touch will run on all of your iOS devices and has a simply beautiful interface. The app gives you information on memory, available data space, network info, active process list, CPU activity, and battery stats. The app also includes detailed device info for diagnosis, which can be sent out via email. The icon is almost a clone of Activity Monitor on the Mac. The app can let you know what apps are really running and then you can close them out manually through the multitasking bar.

  • $0.99

    SYSTEM Manager for iPad

    by AppHome

    System Manager is another app that has a wonderful interface. The app includes all of the information you will find in the other apps. The app also provides some battery tips, which can be nice, but feels unnecessary with the iPad. The app does free up memory on your iPad to help you optimize performance. The app is a great option for those looking for a well designed and functional activity monitor for the iPad.

Decent Apps

  • $1.99

    SystemInfo for iPad

    by SaleCalc Software

    SystemInfo is yet another activity monitor for the iPad. The reason this app did not make it into the notable listing is interface. The developer seems to have spent no time making this app function like an iPad app should. It really does feel like a blown up iPhone app. The app does include all of the standard stats including: memory, disk, battery, running processes, and system information. We did not find a way to free up memory with the app. The app is a good start, but right now is not the one we would recommend.

  • Free

    Pad Info

    by Laub Apps

    Pad Info is one of the most basic activity monitors for the iPad available. The app is free at this time. The app is a simple splash screen with information about your iPad’s battery, memory, disk, UDID, OS, name, and device ID. The app is great for those that want a free app. The app however is not as functional as the other apps and that is the price of a free app.

A Notable iPhone Activity Monitor

  • $1.99


    by XCool Apps

    AppSwitch is an iPhone native app. The reason it makes it to the iPad list is because it does offer some truly revolutionary features for an activity monitor app. The app will show you all of your apps running. On many of the apps including Twitter you will be able to switch directly to your profile, messages, or mentions. The app will even let you go to a screen name, user id, status with id, or screen name’s list. The app can even post a message, post a message in reply to, or install a URL shortener. The app will also show you system info, memory usage and it even has a console. The app is just loaded with amazing features that set it apart from the other activity monitoring apps. If the developers ever make this an iPad native app it will most likely become the new essential app.

Other Apps