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FM radios can be a source of entertainment for many. Unfortunately, Apple has decided to not include this in any of the iOS devices. Thankfully, there are a few apps that allow you to stream live radio to your iPhone. You will need a data connection, which is not required with a true FM device. We compare the best options in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

  • $0.99

    TuneIn Radio Pro

    by TuneIn

    TuneIn Radio Pro is the clear winner in this category. For $0.99 you get an iPad and iPhone app that provides more features than some of the more expensive alternatives. Included is a collection of over 40,000 stations from all over the world. You can listen to local stations or distant ones. One of the coolest features is the pause/record functionality. You can actually record a song, which is saved into a special recordings tab. Also included is the ability to jump back 15 seconds and even pause the radio. The app will attempt to display the currently playing song or show. This functionality is not always 100 percent accurate. AirPlay is included within the app. Other features include data usage (wi-fi/3G divided), background playback, easy station browsing by name rather than number, and an easy map-based location changer. TuneIn Radio Pro is a must-have app for any radio fan.

Notable Apps

  • $1.99

    Bose® Internet Radio App

    by Bose Corporation

    Bose AM/FM App provides a great interface for AM/FM audio streaming. Those that want to listen in on radio stations in different cities have the option. You can even listen in on different countries. The interface as mentioned before is absolutely stunning. AirPlay is also baked right into the app. The app is empowered by the essential radio app TuneIn Radio. There is a bug where sometimes this app will actually play the wrong station. This can happen when Bose doesn't for whatever reason have access to the content. The Bose app basically provides a cleaner interface for those that want it. But, with a lower price point, the true winner is the original TuneIn Radio.

  • Free


    by Clear Channel Management Services, LP

    Those looking for a free option should give iHeartRadio a try. There is also a free iPad version of the app available. You will only have access to around 750 stations, which are a part of the Clear Channel Management network. There should be plenty for you to choose from, but it will be far more limited than TuneIn Radio.

  • Free


    by Jeremie Engel Engel

    Looking for both an alarm clock and a radio? Well, allRadio might be the app you are looking for. You’ll have access to around 8,000 web-based radio stations. The interface is very friendly and truly feels more like an alarm/radio clock than an app focused on radio. This can be a good thing, and for many it may be the best option.

  • $1.99

    Newfox Radio

    by Newfox Media Ltd.

    Newfox Radio is another nice option, especially if you are outside of the U.S. or are interested in listening to global radio on your iPhone. Listen to over 60,000 radio stations and podcasts from around the world, powered by Radiotime and SHOUTcast. Use your iPhone's GPS or simply browse to find your local radio stations as well. You get some cool extras, such as news from Reuters, a timer/alarm clock, and the ability to share what station you're listening to with your social networks. You can also view Flickr photos from wherever the station you're listening to is based.

Decent Apps

  • $0.99

    YouTubeFM: Free Music for YouTube

    by James Rees

    RadioFM is an interesting option. Your music in this app is pulled from YouTube. That’s right: a video service is being used to create a radio app. One benefit from that is you can launch music videos from the songs you are listening to with just a tap. Lyrics are included for many of the songs and the interface is pretty good. You might experience a limit in what content you can actually get. RadioFM is an interesting app that you may want to check out.

  • $1.99

    iRadio - All radio


    Web radio is not exactly the same thing as FM/AM radio, but for many, web radio may be enough. Podcast fans will be glad to hear that podcasts are also included. There are around 45,000 stations included, so you should be able to find what you are looking for. The developers have apparently ripped off the design from TuneIn Radio. In fact, it feels like almost the same app. We would recommend sticking with the original and essential TuneIn Radio.

Internet Radio

  • Free

    Pandora Radio

    by Pandora Media, Inc.

    If you don't need FM or AM radio stations, and simply want to listen to music, Pandora is a lovely free and universal option. Simply choose a song or an artist you like, and Pandora puts together a play list for you. A paid upgrade allows you to remove the ads and gives you unlimited skips.

  • Free

    SiriusXM Internet Radio

    by SIRIUS XM Radio Inc

    The app is free, though you must have a paid internet subscription to listen to this satellite radio service. Howard Stern put SiriusXM on the map, and this app now lets you listen to him via your iDevice.

  • Free

    Stitcher Radio

    by Stitcher, Inc.

    This free, universal app literally lets you stitch together your favorite podcasts and radio programs from around the world. With anything from NPR to Adam Carolla, Stitcher Radio is your best option for spoken word radio.

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