Apartment Hunting On The iPhone


Finding an apartment can be a challenging task. The iPhone can be a handy tool in narrowing down your search. There are tons of great apps to help out with this. We compare the best ones out there in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Notable Apps

  • Free


    by Primedia

    Rentals is the runner up for the essential apartment hunting app. The app is powered by www.rentals.com. The app has by far the best user interface of any of the apartment hunting apps. The app simply did not have as many listings as the essential one. If the app had a better database of listings, then it would have been the one app to have. The app has all of the typical features you will find in apartment hunter apps. Rentals is a great free option for those searching for their new home.

  • Free

    Craigslist Housing Maps - CribQ

    by Hug Sandwich

    CribQ is a unique app. The app makes finding apartments in Craigslist simple and easy. The app searches within a frame on a map for apartments. The idea here is that you zoom in to the location you want to live and search. The app does a great job narrowing down location based listings. The app is not perfect simply because Craigslist is not perfect. The app is great for those looking for a simple Craigslist apartment finder app.

  • Free

    eBay Classifieds

    by Marktplaats BV

    The eBay Classifieds app is another fantastic way to find your new apartment. The app lists thousands of possible places and the user interface is among the best in class. There is no map based searching, which can make finding the right location a little tricky. Those looking for some unique listings should check out this app from eBay.

Decent Apps

  • Free


    by Network Communications Inc

    Apartment Finder has nothing that makes it stand out. It has all of the basic features, an okay interface to help navigate through the app, and some listings. The app does not have the polish that many of the other apps have. Apartment Finder is quite limited in the amount of listings. If you are desperate for another apartment app you can pick this one up, but we are not sure if it will be of much help.

  • Free

    Apartments.com - Apartments for rent

    by Apartments.com

    Apartments is an app that simply fails to deliver. The app has an okay user interface, but absolutely no content. The app is empowered by www.apartments.com. In our testing we simply could not find enough listings to make the app even worth a download. The app is one to keep your eyes on, but right now one to avoid.

  • Free


    by Primedia

    Apartments is another app that has great promise, but fails to deliver. The app has custom search options, but in our testing it had no effect on the results. We tried filtering by price and the app simply did not work. The app has some great listings, but the weird bugs make it hard to find what you are looking for.

Other Apps