Contact management apps

Here are a few alternative contact management apps.


The iPhone comes with a very useful contact management application, however, you may find that it just doesn't do enough for you. There are a variety of contact management apps that cater to different people. Whether you want something prettier than the native contact app or want more options as far as filing, the following AppGuide will help you in your contact management.

Essential Apps

  • $4.99

    Groups: SMS, Mail and Manage Contacts

    by Guided Ways Technologies Ltd

    Groups 2 is an essential contact management app due to its Mac-like interface and ease of use. It supports drag and drop of contacts to reorganize your groups, as well as smart folders for saving your favorite search queries. Group email and SMS messages are easy to initiate and you can even modify which contacts of the group are included in the message. Pre-installed smart folders include groups for businesses, missing email addresses, missing phone numbers, and contacts with and without photos. Groups 2 is the perfect blend of features, user interface, and affordability.

  • $1.99

    Tacts: Smart Contact Manager, Group Text & Email and Favorites

    by TernTek MayArt

    Tacts is a very user-friendly app with a great interface that makes contact management easy for a large majority of users. Along with its interface, Tacts has some amazing functionality built in. Features such as Smart Groups, which allows the app to auto organize contacts by user-defined parameters, really push this app beyond others as an alternative to the contacts app. Overall, with a wonderful feature set and interface, it is easy for me to recommend Tacts to anyone who is not satisfied with the plain and featureless native contacts app.

Notable Apps

  • $4.99

    STL Contacts Manager


    Imagine if your address book could perform according to the way you use your iPhone and allow you to eliminate extra steps when organizing your contacts? STL Contacts Manager features quick launch, single click contacting, smart keypad, blast email, create contacts fast, integrated functions and more. The app is also Skype friendly so you can easily make calls via Skype. This app also uses integrated features and Facebook syncing capabilities which makes it even more awesome. Lastly, the developer encourages you to download their tutorial before purchasing the paid app.

  • $4.99


    by FileMaker, Inc.

    You're probably familiar with Bento and know that it is much more than a contact management app. Bento is a full-fledged database app for your iPhone or iPad. However, one of its included database modules are contacts, populated from your iDevice contact app. Bento has many fields for you to add to your contact information and supports the editing of groups. In Bento, groups are called collections but they function in a similar way and sync back to your standard contact app. So, if you already own Bento, your search for another contact management app may be over.

  • Free

    Orbit Social Phonebook

    by Trilibis Mobile

    Orbit Social Phonebook gives you a better way to organize all your contacts on Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS, and others all in one place! Some features of this app include social volume to control the communication from your groups of contacts and enhanced A-Z scrolling. You also get auto-generated favorites which consolidate your contacts and auto-generate a favorite list based on the people you communicate with the most. What makes this even more appealing is that it is free.

  • $1.99

    Contacts Master

    by Colorme(Beijing)Info Tech Co.,Ltd

    This app is quite easy on the eyes with its simplistic interface. They focus on merging your gmail contacts right into your address book quickly and easily. It features a host of group options such as group filtering, group mail, and you can easily change the view of group member in contact view. Easy controls allow one-tap, contacts sorting and filtering, event viewing, and a handy search capability that just so happens to be fast.

  • $0.99


    by Gerry Beggs

    Groupy is a very simple app that does a couple of things for editing groups. It allows you to edit your group names, delete groups, add groups, and edit which contacts are in a group. It lacks many of the features of other contact management apps, but if all you are interested in is editing your group assignments, you will be hard pressed to find an app as simple as Groupy.

Decent Apps

  • $1.99

    WorldCard Contacts – THE Contact Organization and Business Card Management Tool!

    by Penpower Technology Ltd.

    WorldCard Contacts is very similar to the iPhone phone app, with favorites, recents, contacts, and keypad right where you would expect them. Instead of a voicemail tab you get a business card tab. This app is most useful when used in connection with WorldCard Mobile, which is a separate app for scanning business cards. The business card information and images can then be synced to contacts within WorldCard Contacts. If you deal with a lot of business cards, you might want to consider the WorldCard ecosystem.

  • $2.99

    OneTouch - All-in-One Phone App

    by C.E.O.

    In addition to standard contact editing and grouping, OneTouch has a unique feature for quickly contacting your favorite people with its gesture support. After you identify your "OneTouch" contacts, you can assign each person their unique gesture symbol. For example, if you need to call your special someone, instead of dialing their number, simply draw a heart shape over the keypad and OneTouch automatically starts the phone call.

  • $0.99

    ContactsXL Classic

    by Jonathan Teboul

    ContactsP XL is a straightforward and nice looking contact app. Groups are editable and you can send mass email. If you have assigned photos to your contacts, you can scroll through them in cover flow. SMS group messaging is missing as well as the ability to quickly see which groups a specific contact is assigned to.

  • Free


    by YCC

    What I love best about this app is that it lets you organize your contacts by letting you add editable notes for a contact. The application also allows you to enable Google map view with pin drops. In addition, the app lets you create and rename groups, create and delete notes for a contact, enable group mail, move contacts from one group to another, make calls and more. However, when it comes to being stable and reliable, this app will leave you wanting more. Adding groups left me with missing contacts. Trying to get a hold of a developer about the problem did not help. Fortunately, I was able to figure out the problem, but even for a free app, you would expect more stability.

  • $5.99

    Smart Group: Email, SMS/Text & Contacts

    by Appiplayer

    Very straightforward app for quickly sending a group SMS or email. Add groups and editing group assignments is also easy to achieve. The design isn't fancy or unique but doesn't get in the way of the functionality. You can further save time by using pre-written SMS messages and signatures.

  • $3.99

    Contacto - Smart Contact Management, Group Email, Photo Speed Dialer

    by Alesman, LLC

    Contacto's unique smart contact system can save you time by suggesting similar names for group assignment. This app is for people with a very large contact database and for those who like thumbnail pictures of their contacts. Once groups are assigned, this app also functions as a graphical quick dialer with large buttons for your favorites.

Group Email

  • Free

    MailShot- Group Email Done Right!

    by Soluble

    If you just want an app that allows you to send group emails from any of your favorite mail-compatible apps, look no further than MailShot. This universal app is free to try out. You can create up to 3 groups of up to 5 people to start. Buy the in-app upgrade for the ability to create up to 50 groups of 50 people.

Other Apps