Augmented Reality Ghost Apps

I see dead people ...


Augmented reality apps make ghosts a virtual reality. Have you ever wanted to see a ghost flying around your bedroom? Well, now you can. These apps let you see into the ghost world through your iOS device. We compare them and help you pick out the best one for you in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

  • $0.99

    Ghost Bastards AR

    by JoyBits Ltd.

    Ghost Bastards AR is the must-have ghost app for the iPhone. Your mission is to catch the ghosts before they throw nets over you. You need to be quick, otherwise you’ll get caught and killed. By tapping on the ghosts you pop them. There is also a background mode for the iPod touch, which lets you use the app in a more limited capacity. If you are an iPod touch user, you will get much less use from this app. Ghost Bastards AR is a fun game that packs in a wide variety of virtual ghosts.

Notable Apps

  • Free


    by AirRafer

    GhostFan is a fantastic free app for iPhone 4, iPad 2 or iPod touch 4 users. Basically you are presented with the challenge of using electricity to strike down ghosts. You have to be careful to conserve your energy. If you are not careful you will need to recharge, which can take some time. The game is engaging and fun. The camera is used to let you battle in the very room you are sitting in. GhostFan is a must-have freebie for those with a camera-equipped iDevice.

  • Free

    Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary

    by Ogmento

    Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary is a fun free game for iPhone 4 owners. You will not have a good experience on other devices including the iPod touch 4. Your mission is to hunt out ghosts, cast spells to defend your sacred places, and it is tons of fun. Best of all, the app is free. It's a solid option for those wanting to have some ghost fun on their iPhone 4. The graphics and sound are top notch, which really pull you into the gameplay.

Decent Apps

  • $9.99

    AR Ghost

    by Angry Soil, LLC

    AR Ghost is a vastly overpriced and under featured app. Priced at $9.99, you are able to track down virtual ghosts by getting EVP levels. The ghosts included are not the most “realistic” we have seen and they could be improved upon. There is very little replay value to this app and would not recommend buying it.

  • Free


    by IdeasLab

    GoGoGhosts is another free option. Oddly the app will not run on the iPod touch 4, but it will run on the iPad 2. The ghosts included are very jittery. Their movements are not fluid and cause you to not believe what you are seeing. There is no real value in this app, which is okay for a free app. There is potential in this app, but right now it is fairly pointless.

  • $1.99


    by 0cog Inc.

    0ghost is another app to avoid. The developers have not yet upgraded it for iOS 4 and it will simply not run. The device compatibility states that it will run on the iPad 2, which cannot even run iOS 3. If you can get the app to run on perhaps an old iPhone then you will have a mildly fun game of detecting and shooting ghosts. We would recommend steering clear of this unresponsive developer’s app.

Other Apps