Augmented Reality Shooters

Take the battle home with these apps


Augmented reality apps and shooter apps were made for one another. There is nothing quite like having the battlefield being brought into your own home. There are many different approaches to this genre of AR shooters. We compare the best of them in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

  • $2.99

    Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner

    by THQ Inc.

    Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner is the essential app. The developers combine the Star Wars universe with a top-notch augmented reality shooter app. You also have the option to play with AR turned off. The AR part comes into play as you use your iDevice's camera as the backdrop for the game. There are tons of levels and content to keep you entertained for a long time.

  • $0.99

    Laser Tag!!!

    by Bendy Tree, LLC

    Laser Tag - Augmented Reality is the ultimate AR shooter. This one is for iPhone 4 folks alone. Besides using your typical AR sensors it also uses the flash light on the back of the iPhone 4. There is a one player mode, which is useful for practicing aiming and shooting. The two player mode is the most advanced of the gameplay modes. When you're hit, your phone will look damaged and vibrate. When the game concludes, your scores and stats will automatically be tallied up. There is also a group mode, which is less polished. Game Center leaderboards and achievements are also included. Laser Tag is yet another essential AR shooter game for the iPhone 4.

Notable Apps

  • $0.99

    AR Missile - Automatic Target Tracking

    by PSOFT

    AR Missile - Automatic Target Tracking is not your traditional AR shooter. You are able to virtually shoot missiles at anything you can see. The graphics and realism is quite remarkable. There is support for up to 16 simultaneous missiles and built-in image capture of what you blow up. For iPad 2 owners, there is also an AR Missile HD, which is optimized for the iPad. AR Missile is a fun app that can be a stress reliever at times.

  • $1.99

    AR Invaders

    by Quill Pen Studio

    AR Invaders is a great low-cost game. You may want lie down on your back to play this one. Your task is to stop the alien invasion that is happening right now. You are given guns to shoot down flying saucers as they come into your room.

Decent Apps

  • $0.99

    Pandemica: AR Shooter

    by XMG Studio Inc.

    Pandemica: AR Shooter is priced at $3.99, which is fairly costly in this genre of apps. The app mimics many of the other apps that have you shooting your enemies, in this case, monsters. The app will not work on the newest iPod touch, which limits its user base to only iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 users. iPad 2 users could also play this game. We really expected more from this game given the price tag. We would recommend going with Shoot Monsters AR rather than this more costly one. It is an okay app and perhaps in time it will be a more recommendable app.

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