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Baseball Games For The iPad

What better way to enjoy baseball than by playing it on your iPad? There are quite a few options for iPad users. We take a look at them in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Flick Baseball Pro HD

by Freeverse, Inc.

Flick Baseball Pro HD is a great app. The graphics surpass many of the other baseball apps out there. The controls and interface are intuitive and natural. This is one of the few apps that does not feel like an upscaled iPhone app, but rather a true iPad app. The gameplay is in-depth enough to keep you entertained for more than just a single day. Flick Baseball Pro HD is the essential baseball game for iPad.

Notable Apps

Homerun Battle 3D for iPad

by Com2uS Corp.

Homerun Battle 3D for iPad is a winner because it concentrates on a certain area of gameplay. All you have to worry about is hitting homeruns. The graphics are fun and attractive. The interface is intuitive and natural on the iPad. Homerun Battle 3D for iPad is different, so it makes a great complement to the essential app.

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011

by Com2uS Inc.

If you want a retro-styled baseball game, this is one option. It is universal, but some real work still needs to be done to improve its playability. The game still feels like it was designed for an iPhone. The game features all 30 major league teams, which you can play in exhibition, season, or Homerun derby modes. Achievements and other nice touches are also included in this game. For $0.99 it is a good buy. If the price goes up, we would suggest a bit more caution in your purchase.


by Mike Miller

Hit The Deck Baseball HD combines baseball and pinball into one awesome game. Hit the Deck was modeled after the pinball console Hit and Run Base-Ball. The pinball machine initially came out in March 1970 and was produced by Williams. The iPad game successfully recreates that experience and enhances it. Enhancements include five different game modes, online leaderboards, and pause/resume support. Baseball and pinball fans should grab this one today.

Decent Apps

Baseball Superstars® 2010 HD


Baseball Superstars 2010 HD is another retro option for the iPad. The graphics are cartoonish and playful. There is nothing truly exciting in this app. The controls have been slightly modified to make use of the larger screen on the iPad. We would like to see more of an overhaul in this app to make it even more iPad-friendly. For the $4.99 price tag, we would recommend going with the truly essential baseball game, Flick Baseball Pro HD.

Big Hit Baseball

by Eidos Interactive Ltd

Big Hit Baseball is perhaps the only Game Center enhanced baseball game for the iPad. The app doesn’t have much else going for it. The gameplay is not as in-depth as some of the other apps. The game truly is an iPhone game and it shows. Instead of landscape orientation you get portrait orientation. This is a direct result of the developers being lazy and not reworking it for the iPad. Big Hit Baseball is one to avoid for now.

Other Apps
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