Fighting Games


Not every action game is a shooter. Some are fighters where you battle opponents using fists swords or anything other than a gun. These can be side scrolling beat em ups, mortal combat style, soul calibur style, or plain old boxing. Find out the best.

Essential Apps

  • $1.99

    OMG Pirates!

    by Mika Mobile

    The best combat based game in the App Store, and one of the very best games overall. It's a side scrolling beat em up game where you play a ninja against waves of pirates. The game is great in every way highlighted by creating the feeling like you're actually in control. Some of these types of games feel like button mashers. OMG Pirates fixes this with the help of combos, and great picking up of the inputs. Every button you press you know what you're doing, and what it will lead to. A game for casual gamers, and veterans of the genre alike. Wonderful ninja move animations, character design, and overall production values. OMG Pirates is the easy pick in this category.

  • $0.99

    Samurai: Way of the Warrior

    by MADFINGER Games, a.s.

    Rather than pressing buttons you swipe the screen to use your sword. You progress through a very deluxe and intricate story that is rarely seen in iPhone games. Then you progress through a top down world with the characters in 3D. Swipe once to slash your sword. As you progress you learn combos to swipe up, left, right for devastating blows. Beautiful visuals as well as a great feature where sometime you chop an enemy in half or their head off with blood splatter galore, and the sound effects to match. Like OMG Pirates you concentrate on your swipes rather than madly swiping on screen. Really great game that lies just below the greatness of OMG Pirates.

Notable Apps

  • $4.99


    by CAPCOM

    The major name in fighting games comes to the iPhone. It's quality Street Fighter action you know and love. The game provides absolutely no innovation though. Capcom decided to force the virtual joysticks down your throat. They're huge, and take up a lot of the screen in a game that doesn't use any unique qualities of the iPhone. It's also not the best value in this category whether at $9.99 or on sales for $6.99 in comaprison to the games above that are only $1.99.

  • $4.99

    Blades of Fury

    by Gameloft

    A soul calibur like game from Gameloft. It's easily the best type of head to head combat game in the App Store with all of the special characters, moves, and powers you would expect from this type of game. Really well designed, rendered in 3D, and made for all users not just fans of the genre. Feels more like a button masher that the essential games.

  • $2.99

    The Simpsons Arcade

    by Electronic Arts

    Arcade beat em up game featuring one of the most well known TV show characters ever. Classic arcade fighter was you punch bad guys, and move right once you beat the current wave. Fun arcade style fighter with the great flair of the Simpsons. You only get to play as Homer which is definitely too simplistic. Also there is no in level save system. Really repetitive with the same types of enemies over and over. Only one attack button, and just Homer changes animations. Good, but not able to compete with the games above.

  • $0.99

    Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies

    by Mass Creation Sp. z o. o.

    Rather than button mashing you draw the path of your sword on screen. You face waves of Pirate Monkey Zombies (that's right pirates, zombies, monkeys, and ninjas all in the same game). It's a 2D game, and you go back and forth drawing a ling through the monkeys which your ninja will swipe through chopping everything in its path. Multiple gameplay modes are included, but they're all variations on survival. Has wonderful designs, and huge explosions of blood on a black and white background, ala Sin City. The mechanic is neat at first, but does wear off. A good combat game, but doesn't rank with the very best.

  • Free

    Super KO Boxing 2

    by Glu Games Inc.

    The best boxing game in the App Store. It's an arcade boxer game with special power-up blasts, and huge round house punches for great face breaking style. Well done with multiple gameplay modes. Many very unique and animated boxers are included, and overall a fun boxer. Also you know what you're doing with each button push rather than button mashing. What holds it back is it may be too hard for the majority of users. Good fighter, but is knocked down by the opponents listed above.

  • $0.99


    by Pocket Monkey Games

    2D side scrolling fighter reminiscent of Zombieville. Hack and slash as a spartan warrior with upgradeable shield and sword. Just a survival game that gets repetitive quickly. The art style is nice, but not as smooth as they could be. Overall good, but has a lot of room for improvement to be ranked higher.

  • $0.99



    Side scrolling beat em up with stick figures. Progress through waves of stick figures with a boss battle at the end of every level. The stick figure does outstanding kung-fu moves, and even builds up special moves. The save system doesn't save your kills, just the level you were on, so it's like starting over just on a higher level. This one feels more like a button masher, and therefore keeps it back compared to the stiff competition.

Decent Apps

  • $2.99

    Touch KO

    by Chillingo Ltd

    A 3D boxing game which is really by itself in terms of visual quality. The problem is in the gameplay where the controls are responsive enough for the fast paced action of boxing. Has a nice career mode, and if you're a boxing fan this is one of a few choices. It just isn't good enough to be recommended.

  • $2.99

    Twin Blades

    by Bulkypix

    A hack, slash, and shoot, but more about hacking and slashing so it's in the fighting game. It's a 2D side scrolling zombie killing game. It's really nicely designed with beautiful screens and animations. The game is short, simple, and repetitive though keeping it from the top two recommendation tiers.

  • $0.99


    by Neptune Interactive Inc.

    A beat em up style game similar to stick fu, but with way more deluxe characters. 2D characters in 3D worlds. Uses two types of controls to be gestured based or tap, but neither provide pinpoint controls leaving it feeling like a button masher or screen swiper. Fun in bursts, and nice variability, but just not near enough to compete with the top tier games in this category.

  • $4.99


    by Artwerkz

    One of the only mortal combat style games in the App Store. Stuffed bears and other animals going one on one with epic martial arts moves. The controls aren't the best, and everything is pretty basic in the game. The gameplay is fun, but does get repetitive. Good fighting game especially if you like Mortal Combat, but is too basic in many ways for a recommendation in the top two tiers.

  • $2.99

    iSamurai: Critical Strike!

    by Toy Kite Software

    Only notable because it uses wireless combat over bluetooth. Swing your iPhone in the air with someone else doing the same thing. Extremely basic, and after you do it one or two times there's no use for it ever again as it's just too simplistic.

  • $0.99


    by J-Park

    Good fighting game with simplistic graphics. Tilt to move with taps for attack. Uses swords and guns, but mostly slashing style. Repetitive pretty quickly, and just such basic animation on top of that. With only survival mode it simply doesn't compete with the other games in the genre.

  • $0.99


    by MADFINGER Games, a.s.

    Christmas themed game from the makers of Samurai: Way of the Warrior. Protect presents from waves of creepy enemies looking like they're straight out of nightmare before Christmas. Action and blood packed like their other title. Just is simple survival game though, but is a great change of pace for the holidays.

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