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iPhone Unique Capability Games

Puzzle games are all over the App Store. Some puzzle games clearly stand out by breaking the mold and bringing original ideas. Others use the unique capabilities of the iPhone like multi-touch and tilt combined with the new ideas. If games use of tilt is the main feature of the game it is included. Overall the category is for fresh puzzle games that are not cluttered in match 3, physics based, action/arcade, or traditional puzzles. If you want a game that is possible because of the iPhone here's the appguide to find the best.

Essential Apps

Zen Bound™

by Chillingo Ltd

One of the best iPhone games in the App Store. So amazing in the use of multi touch and tilt at the same time. Your objective is to wrap a rope around a wooden object to cover it in paint. Paint spreads a little bit out from the rope. More of an immersive experience than just a game. Zen Bound leaves out the time and score of most games, and just gives you a goal to paint an object 100% with a certain length of rope. Wonderful visuals combined with a great zen soundtrack. The category is defined by Zen Bound as you drag the object with one finger, drag the view with two fingers, and tilt the iPhone to influence the direction the rope comes in at. Truly ground breaking in every way, and seems perfect for the unique capabilities of the iPhone. An essential game no matter the category.

Tilt to Live

by One Man Left

Tilt to Live is simply amazing in every way. It's not stop action every second you play, and you'll be playing the game over and over gain, and enjoying every second. A game that takes full advantage of the iPhone's unique tilt controls. The game has the best tilt controls of any app in the App Store. The game is relatively simply with the objective of tilting to live by avoiding all the red dots. What makes it so great is the intelligence of the red dots. Luckily you get massive and varied weapons to do more than simply tilt, and actually go on the offensive. A number of updates have added additional game modes making a great game even better. It may be the best pick up and love game in the App Store. An essential game for anyone in any category.

Labyrinth 2

by Illusion Labs

Illusion Labs refreshed one of the original iPhone games. The entire game is based upon the tilt capabilities of the iPhone. The sequel provides all types of obstacles in addition to the classic holes. Now the game plays as though rolling through a pinball table with lasers and cannons too. Excellently made in every aspect most notably the fine tuned tilting to allow for precise movement. Online level editor and practically an infinite number of downloadable levels. Labyrinth 2 is one of the best games in the App Store, and is easily essential. Just behind the amazing experience of no fault of its own.

Notable Apps


by Steph Thirion

Another game that defines the category by only possible because of the iPhone multi-touch controls. Combine and separate planets to be of the appropriate size to fit in the squeesar (spidery thing) and disappear off screen. Each level increases the difficulty requiring more fingers on screen at once. An amazingly complex game that has been updated to curve the difficulty nicely. One of the best puzzle games, and uses the iPhone capabilities wonderfully. As close as you can to being an essential game.

Dark Nebula - Episode One

by 1337 Game Design

Roll the ball around futuristic machine like levels. Not quite a platformer, but definitely a unique and deluxe game. It's like going through labyrinth with cannons, rotating spike wheels, and unlock mechanics. Even jumping is included with a neat feature as the ball seems to leap out of the screen. Extremely well made in every regard, and really shines on the device. Only 10 levels are included which keeps it from being rated as essential, and we're still waiting on episode 2.

MotionX Poker Quest

by MotionX™

This game shows up in two appguides. It's in card based as it's mostly poker based, just with dice. It fits in this category for the amazing dice rolling feature. It's made so well that it feels like you're rolling dice in your hand. If that wasn't great enough the poker gameplay is good, and there is a egyptian theme progressing through multiple gods battles. Really great game that sits below stiff competition.

Topple 2 Plus+

by ngmoco, Inc.

By far and away the best stacking game in the App Store. Drag pieces around to stack. Also included is the ability to hold a piece, and rotate it with another finger. Also try to keep the stack level using the accelerometer. Truly one of the best games in the App Store that has Plus+ for online high scores and achievements. The sequel includes multiple gameplay modes to stack upside down underwater, balancing levels, and catch the golden egg levels. It's free too, so there is no excuse not to try it. Amazing games, but just not amazing as the top notch games listed above.


by Robot Super Brain

A combination of labyrinth style rolling with brick breaker. Roll the globall around levels, and bust the blocks with each exploding in paint. Very neon themed with multiple power-ups too. Maybe the best use of online high scores of any game that pinpoint your exact location comparing you locally as well as globally. Great game that sits just behind the greatness above.

Decent Apps

SPiN - Super Shape Puzzle

by Secret Exit Ltd.

Rotate objects to fit in the background shape behind. For example you rotate a stuffed bear so it's it portrait facing right. Uses multitouch to achieve this, and it's from the developers of Zen Bound. Does get repetitive, and the controls aren't as smooth as Zen Bound. A good game, but not good enough to be ranked higher.

Pinch n Pop!

by Chaotic Box

Also in the match three category, but more noteworthy for its controls. The game uses the pinch mechanic to zoom in maps to combine the little creatures. Combine three or more to pop them. More and more creatures appear in more colors as you progress. A solid match three game with wonderful controls, three difficulty levels, and even online high scores. The pinch mechanic works perfectly, and it's a fast paced hectic match three with a constantly moving play field as it's like a primordial goo. If you want a unique match three this is definitely it, though its not as stand-out as the games in the first two categories.

Super Monkey Ball 2


The big name sequel to one of the first games in the App Store. Definitely better than the first, but that isn't saying much, since that one was so bad. The controls still aren't accurate enough for precise movement, and there seems to be no reason to go through the levels. Not much fun, no online scores or achievements, and just a lackluster game. Better options are available.

Finger Physics: Finger Fun

by PressOK Entertainment

Came after Topple 1 & 2, and plays just like it. A stacking game with multiple gameplay modes that are just like topple. It doesn't feature the really neat and useful features of multitouch to rotate, and accelerometer to keep level. A lot of levels are included that are grade bronze to gold. Feel more like a rip-off of Topple than anything else, and its lackluster in comparison.


by Tag Games Limited

Roll rock throughout complex levels. What makes it so unique is rather than the character moving as you tilt, the backgrounds move with tilting. Shift the backgrounds to roll the rock around. Could potentially makes you dizzy, it depends on the type of person you are. Doesn't work as well as it could, and at times becomes more frustrating than fun. There's a christmas themed game as well.

Wooden Labyrinth 3D

by Elias Pietilä

The first game to really challenge the original Labyrinth. Introduced 3D walls feature where the walls tilt with the device. That feature has become common place, and so has this game. The original Labyrinth and Labyrinth 2 now have this feature that is smoother too. Basic game today.

BiiBall 3D

by Bootant LLC

Roll your stripped ball down the hall like playing field. You try to collect all the colored orbs as you go, and avoid obstacles. You can also fire upon enemies by tapping on screen. The game gets difficult quick, and as an early game missed a few features like a save system. Overall you play the beginning levels over and over. Fun little distraction for the first couple times, then you'll never play it again.

Snowball Runner

by MegaNudge Entertainment

Control the snowball down the mountain by tilting. You collect animals and such to build the size, but watch out for obstacles which degrade your size. If you get too small you lose, but note if you're too big it rolls really fast. A neat little game that is much too simplistic compared to the other games in the category. Kinda fits with christmas with the snow theme.

Starball - WARNING: Insanely Addictive

by QuantumSquid Interactive

Roll your green ball around the screen and collect stars. Each star collected introduces red balls that kill you if they hit your green ball. That is it. Some power-ups are included, three difficulties, and OpenFeint for online scores. Much too basic to compete in this category and it really isn't even that addictive.

Other Apps
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