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Get Your Housework Done Without The Maid


Most people tend to live busy lives. With so much to do, it often gets difficult to remember the various housework that needs to be done in one’s home. Whether you're single, married, or have a family of five, the apps here will help you organize and get all of your chores completed in a short amount of time.

Essential Apps

  • $4.99


    by Wunderbear

    HomeRoutines is an essential app when it comes to managing your chores. The app is universal and is ideal for anyone. Chores are broken down by days of the week, but it doesn't end there. Each day is then broken down into morning and evening chores. The app includes a feature called "Focus Zones," which assigns certain rooms of your house to specific days for cleaning. The organization this app provides for a household is revolutionary and is well worth twice its price.

Notable Apps

  • $3.99

    You Rule Chores

    by Opposite Inc

    You Rule Chores approaches chore managing differently than the rest. The app is targeted for a household with children, allowing the parent to assume the role of referee and the children to choose from a handful of characters to represent them. As chores are done, children earn coins which they can later redeem for rewards that they've listed in their wish list. Don't worry. The referee will set the amount of coins needed for each reward. The referee's passcode is also required to retrieve a reward so that no child can cheat the system. You Rule Chores is a highly creative app for the entire family. I only wish the app was universal or there was iPad version as well.

  • $2.99

    Chore Pad

    by Nannek

    Chore Pad is another notable app in this genre. The app itself is aimed towards families and is available on both iPhone and iPad, each their own separate versions. Parents can add children, chores, and rewards into the database, setting the details for each. All in all, this is a great app with an inviting interface and is just what you need to manage your household chores within the family.

Decent Apps

  • $2.99

    Chore Hero

    by The Playforge, LLC

    Chore Hero is a decent app because it does what it's intended to do. You can add people and chores. You can then assign those chores to each person on certain days of the week. The app isn't as pretty as some of the others. Nevertheless, it is still a very functional app if that's all you are looking for.

  • Free

    iRewardChart: Parents Reward Tracker Behavior Chore chart

    by Gotclues, Inc

    Another app that gets the job done is iRewardChart. The app allows you to input your children and set up their chores. When clicking on a child, you will see each of their chores listed and outlines of stars for each day of the week. When they complete a chore, simply click on the star outline and it turns into a gold star. Like many of these other apps, you set up the price of each reward and children simply cash those stars in when they've earned them. The app is very simple and easy to understand.

  • Free

    Beep & Boop

    by JibJab Media Inc.

    If you're looking for an app to track the behavior and chores of younger children then Beep & Boop is the app for you. It is not only attractive, but the sounds are quite amusing. First, add your children to the app. You don't necessarily add chores or tasks to assign in this app. Instead you hit a green button titled "Beep" for something positive and the red button titled "Boop" for something negative. You can add a goal for each child which is basically how many "Beeps" they need to one specific award. This is a fantastic app for little ones, but because it isn't a dedicated chore management app it will stay in the decent apps.

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