Craigslist Apps for iPad


Craigslist is a great way to buy items from people in your area. However, the website used for this may be the worst in the world. While ugly and unintuitive on the desktop, it is even worse on the iPad. Luckily, the apps in this AppGuide will help you get a great experience from Craigslist on your iPad.

Essential Apps

  • $0.99

    Craigslist Pro for iPad

    by Escargot Studios, LLC

    Craigslist Pro is a beautiful app, that takes advantage of all that the iPad has to offer. Naturally it allows you to manage your account and browse products, but what sets this app apart from others are features such as getting directions to listings, neighborhood filtering, the ability to post new listings from the app and seeing listings in a map view. I found no usability issues with Craigslist Pro and can honestly say that it was optimized for the iPad well and is the best in its category.

  • $0.99

    Lifelike Craig HD - Craigslist for iPhone and iPad

    by Lifelike Apps, Inc

    Lifelike Craig HD is a fantastic alternative to the Craigslist website. To start, the developers took a creative approach when developing this app and gave it a newspaper like interface to browse items from. Features include a map view that gives listings near you as well as the ability to post new listings from the app itself with the option to add photos, using the iPad’s camera. Lifelike Craig HD also supports gestures, which helps it stand apart from the other apps listed here. With a nice bunch of features, a beautiful interface and rock solid performance; it is not hard to recommend this particular app to any Craigslist user.

  • $0.99

    Craigly Premium - craigslist power search

    by Mother Tucker LLC

    Craigly Premium is a feature rich app that performs many functions that others simple do not. To start, Craigly offers a variety of views for listings, including a map view, thumbnail view (similar to the iPad’s Photos app) and a plain text view. It also caches previous searches to use when you are offline. One thing that struck me as plain awesome however, was push notifications for saved searches that brought up new listings in the search. While seemingly simple, this is one feature that no other app here has, and can be useful in some situations. Craigly Premium is a wowing app with all of its features and is easy to recommend to any Craigslist user.

Notable Apps

  • $0.99

    CraigsMobileList - craigslist companion for iPad

    by Mobile Simplicity

    The app here is another ok app that offers nothing too differently than others here. The interface reminded me of the official eBay app with a tiled view of postings. CraigsMobileList also has support for bookmarking and posting listings, although the posting feature is a bit unintuitive. As I said earlier this app is only ok and really brings nothing new to the table. However, it's worth a look if you like the eBay app style of browsing.

  • Free

    Craigsphone - craigslist for iPad

    by Next Mobile Web

    Craigsphone started out as an iPhone app that was then upscaled to fit the iPad’s, without changing much of the interface. Unfortunately, that meant that it did not do much to take advantage of all of the screen real estate available on the iPad. Putting that aside, this app while not the best, functions well and even has some cool features such as nearby postings and bookmarks. While not a terrible app, there are much better alternatives for browsing Craigslist in the App Store, that include a native iPad interfaces and much larger feature sets.

Decent Apps

  • $1.99

    CraigsEZList Pro - craigslist power made EZ

    by Jet Money Software

    This app can be described as more of a wrapper for the Craigslist website. While it has a decent interface, CraigsEZList Pro shares most of the same features as its web counterpart. In fact it is easy to argue that it doesn’t even offer anything that not on the website. Overall, it’s easy to recommend staying away from this app as there are better alternatives in the App Store.