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In the age of smart phone data caps, we cannot be too careful when it comes to monitoring our data usage. The apps in this AppGuide will help you accomplish this task and more no matter where you live or what carrier you are on.

Essential Apps

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    My Data Usage Pro

    by Webrich Software Private Limited

    If you ever wanted to know how to control your data use to fit your monthly limit, then My Data Usage Pro may be the app for you. Aside from standard features found in other data monitoring apps, My Data Usage Pro contains functionality known as Data Doctor. What this does is warn you when you get close to exceeding your monthly quota while giving you suggestions on how to use the data that is left. With this handy feature I highly recommend this app to anyone with a capped data plan.

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    Data Usage

    by oBytes, LLC

    Data Usage is a typical data monitoring app that monitors data usage per month as well as your remaining quota if you are on a capped plan. What is worth talking about, however, is what happens outside of the app. For example, the app posts an icon badge on the springboard with the percentage of data you have used in your quota. In addition, Data Usage sends push notifications of when you exceed a certain percentage. Overall, Data Usage is a great app for monitoring data, and may save you some money with its warnings about how much data you have used.

Notable Apps

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    Data Buddy

    by Jeremy Bassett

    My Data Use includes how much data you have used, usage rate and your limit. What is cool about this app is the graph view which presents you with daily usage stats. In addition to that is a feature that can predict how much data you will use for that month based on your history. These features make My Data Use a compelling app and, coupled with a slick interface, make it an easy recommendation to anyone.

  • Free

    Data Counter - Universal Data Usage Monitor

    by Slybees

    Data Counter is a pretty nifty app that takes some of the best features from the other apps in this guide. Some of this functionality includes: a graph tracking your usage throughout the month and push notifications to warn you of when you are close to hitting your cap. Unfortunately, despite claiming to work on every carrier, Data Counter does not support CDMA iPhones, making this a no go for all of the Verizon users out there.

  • Free

    My Verizon Mobile

    by Verizon Wireless

    While this app is only for Verizon iPhone users, it contains fantastic functionality that users of the red carrier will love. Along with the ability to tell you how much data you have used in the last month, this app will present the number of texts you have sent as well as how much call time you have had in the last month. My Verizon Mobile will also let you view your plan and pay your bill. Overall, this free app is a must-have for any Verizon user, even if you use it in conjunction to another app in this AppGuide.

Decent Apps

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    Data Usage Tracker

    by SouthFreo Software

    To put it plain and simple, this app doesn’t work. It resets the data consumed for the month counter at times and is quite a bit unstable. The bottom line is, stay away from this app.

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