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Foosball Apps For The iPad

A good foosball table can cost over $200. Thankfully you can turn your iPad into one for less than $5. There are some truly fantastic apps to do this and some not-so-good apps. We sort them out in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Foosball HD

by Illusion Labs

Foosball HD is the essential foosball app for the iPad. You are able to play solo against the computer. You can also play against people one on one, one on two, or two on two. The app feels complete. Everything is included for a great experience. Everything from the graphics, sounds, physics, and responsive controls are included. The app even got an update for the iPad 2 to improve the graphics. Foosball HD is far ahead of the competition and a must-have foosball app for the iPad.

Notable Apps

Foosball Hero

by Nenad Katic

Foosball Hero takes the pristine table and dirties it up. The developers take that to the extreme by adding rusty/squeaky sound effects on top of the already dirty table. The AI is fun to play against. Just like in Foosball HD you can play against people too. We would love to see Game Center multiplayer added in a future update. Foosball Hero is a lower cost and great alternative to the essential Foosball HD.


by Pocket Protector, LLC

2Foos is another fantastic alternative to Foosball HD. You are able to play against the clock or determine the winner by whoever hits five or ten points first. Just like the other games, both AI and human opponents are included. The graphics really are stunning, but overall the experience doesn’t match that of Foosball HD. There is also no price advantage here, both Foosball HD and 2Foos will run you $2.99.

Arcade Soccer

by Buzly Labs Ltd.

Arcade Soccer is not your traditional foosball game. Instead of the rows of players you have a single player that you control. The game is more of a soccer/foosball combo than anything else. The game is only $0.99, runs on your iPhone and iPad, and is well made. This is a great app to pick up to complement Foosball HD.

Decent Apps


by Joe Pitto

Foosball2011 really is not in the same league as Foosball HD. The graphics are terrible in comparison to the competition. There are some nice innovative features such as auto goalie mode, tournament mode, different team skill levels, and much more. There is a lot to love about this app, but we feel that the cons outweigh the pros in the current version. The app was just released and is still at version 1.0. Foosball2011 is an app to keep your eyes on. Right now we would recommend going with Foosball HD.


by Mac Morph Dev

TSoccer-HD has the advantage of being able to run on your iPhone and your iPad. The disadvantage is the app has not been optimized in any good way for the iPad. The gameplay and design emulate the original Nintendo instead of an iPad. You are able to access your music library within the app, and keep track of your stats. You also have the option to play based on score or time. Right now TSoccer-HD is simply not a good app for the iPad and one to avoid.

Other Apps
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