Hair Styling On The iPad



The iPad is a fantastic tool to help you visualize a new look. If you are looking for a new hairstyle, but you're not sure which way to go, then this AppGuide is for you. We will sort through and find the best apps for hair styling on the iPad.

Essential Apps

  • $0.99

    Hair-Do for iPad

    by Fingoware, LLC

    Hair-Do for iPad is the essential app for styling your hair. Take a picture from your photo library. Select the hair style you want to try out and it will place the new hair over your existing hair. The developers are hard at work to bring more hairstyles in future updates. You can even email out an image of your new look and show that to your stylist to make it a reality.

  • Free


    by Energizer Australia Pty Ltd

    Shave-O-Matic is an app for guys that want to figure out their next facial hair style. The app is basically Hair-Do for facial hair. You load up an image from your photo library and use the app to insert different kinds of facial hair. The app includes tons of different kinds of facial hair. The app also lets you try out different colors. The app is free and universal making it a must have.

Notable Apps

  • $1.99

    Fashion Sketchbook: The Stylish Dress Up Game for iPad

    by Levitate

    Fashion Sketchbook is more than just a simple hair styling app. It address hair, makeup, clothing, bags, lips, necklaces, and much more. The app can be handy for finding the big picture on your look. If you are looking for an advanced hair styling app this is not for you.

  • $3.99

    Barbershop HD

    by Esantio, Inc.

    Barbershop HD is one of the few options for guys needing to restyle their hair. The app includes both facial hair and traditional hair styling. The app will allow for color styling too. The only current problem with the app is the limited kinds of hair styles. Once the problem of content is solved this will be a real contender. The current price is of $3.99 is not worth it for what it is now. The app comes with several sharing options such as email and Facebook. If you are a guy looking for a restyle this is one of the only options out there right now.

  • $3.99

    Hairstylez HD

    by Esantio, Inc.

    Hairstylez HD is another option for picking out your next hair style. The app allows you to pick from up to 100 different styles and offers a great way to preview your next look. The app also integrates with Facebook and your email to make sharing that image simple and easy. The app is a good alternative to Hair-Do.

Decent Apps

  • $1.99

    20000+ Hairstyles For iPad

    by YunPeng.Deng

    20000+ Hairstyles for iPad could be a wonderful app, but it is not. The app is flawed with bugs rendering the app useless. The app could be a great addition to your iPad in the coming months, but at version 2.0 it is still not ready for prime time.

  • $7.99

    Hair At Home HD

    by Image Intelligence Limited

    Hair At Home HD aims to teach you to become a hair stylist. But the app fails at providing a quality app due to the countless bugs. The app is also 621 MB in size, which can be a problem for many iPad owners. The size of the app could easily be reduced through streaming videos, which should not be a problem for an app like this. Once the bugs and app size are sorted out, this may turn out to be a great tool for aspiring hair stylists.