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Hotel Deal Finder Apps

Trying to find a good hotel room can be tricky. Getting a room at a good price and a good location can sometimes be a nightmare. Thankfully the iPhone can help you snatch up those deals. We compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

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The Priceline Negotiator app is okay. We did not like how it screams out its jingle when you launch the app. We also found problems with its search results. Hotels in Ontario, Canada were appearing in our search for a city in California. Priceline provides a unique service of trying to bid for lower prices on hotels. We found the service works sometimes and can save you a little money. This iPhone app is a nice one to try out to see if you can get a good deal.

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants

by TripAdvisor LLC

TripAdvisor helps you not only with places to stay, but also places to eat, things to do, flights, and more. We found this app harder to use than HotelPal. The interface was not nearly as intuitive. The content is not bad and you will find some great places to stay with this app. Hotel reservations for 310,000+ hotels

FREE has a fantastic app. The iPad version is both beautiful and useful. The problem we encountered with the app is content. There simply were not as many hotels offered in this app compared to its competition. A nice free app to have if the others fail on you.

Decent Apps - Hotels and Hotel Reservations


HotelsByMe really limits you to hotels by you. We found it frustrating to use. We did eventually find a search area for finding hotels in other locations. We wish that the map included the price tag over each location. We did like how the app shows you the features and restrictions of each hotel in a very clear way. This is a nice app, but nothing too spectacular.

Hotels HD

by OpenMotion, LLC

Hotels HD is an okay app. We didn’t like how the map view doesn’t show the price tag. The hotel descriptions feel more like a webpage rather than an app. The content is good, but the presentation needs some work.

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