iPhone to iPhone Photo Sharing


This is a list of what we feel are the greatest apps for sharing photos and videos between iphones. There are some apps that just get the job done, while these select few help you get the job done in a fun intuitive way!

Essential Apps

  • Free


    by Infinite Labs

    Transfer just about any media between iPhones and iPod touches in a very fun and simple manner. Flick anything from videos, photos, contacts, text, and safari bookmarks to your friends phone and watch as there media appears on yours!

  • $0.99

    Knocking™ Live Pic Sharing

    by Pointy Heads LLC

    A one of a kind app that lets you view photos from your friends iphone albums live from anywhere in the world. See pictures exactly as your friend is seeing them and watch the pictures change as your friend swipes their finger on their iPhone. Also gives you the option to download any photo being viewed straight to your camera roll.

Notable Apps

  • Free


    by Bump Technologies, Inc.

    Bump has a very fun and intuitive way to share contact information and photos. You can select up to four items at once to send and simply bump your phone with another iPhone bump user to share your media. I am guessing in a later release they will include video sharing which will then place this app along the same ranks as Mover+

  • Free

    Mover Lite

    by Infinite Labs

    mover lite lets you send photos and contacts through bluetooth and wifi in the same manner as its paid version Mover+. Although it lacks the option to send video, you can receive any media from anyone using mover+ or mover lite.

Decent Apps

  • $0.99


    by AppMobi LLC

    Great app for allowing users to view certain pictures between iPhones. Also lets you select whether you want other viewers to download your photos or just view them.

  • Free


    by AppMobi LLC

    A free option to view and receive photos from the companion app PhotoBeamer. Although you have to purchase PhotoBeamer to send anything.

Share Differently

  • Free

    WhatsApp Messenger

    by WhatsApp Inc.

    You can share pictures over-the-air for free on Whatsapp, the iPhone-to-iPhone messaging app.

  • $0.99


    by Gary Fung

    Just like on Whatsapp, you can share pictures using Ping, this additional feature will however cost you an extra $1 in-app purchase

Other Apps