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Network Diagnostic Apps

One of the most difficult and frustrating things that people have to do is troubleshooting their network. Whether you are in a home or an office setting, the apps in this AppGuide will give you the tools that you need to keep your network in tip top shape.

Essential Apps

iNet Pro - Network scanner

by BananaGlue GmbH

iNet Pro is a feature rich app that gives you a lot of information and functionality about the network that your phone is connected to. Some of these include: Ping support, Bonjour browsing, port scanning, network information and the ability to wake and sleep a Mac on your LAN. Overall, this networking app leaves nothing to the imagination and can get you information for about almost anything on your network. I highly recommend it to those who troubleshoot networks often and even to power users who want control of their network in the palm of their hand.

Network Diagnostics Utility Pro

by Johannes Lauer

As advertised, Network Diagnostics Utility Pro delivers in the area of features. This app, being perhaps the most functional network diagnostic app out there, contains features from every app listed here and more. To fully cover Network Diagnostics Utility Pro would take a separate review, but the bottom line is although this app has a few quirks, it is a good choice for people who troubleshoot even medium sized networks often.

Notable Apps

Network Pro

by Mesh Software LLC.

Network Pro has many standard features that should be in a networking app. This includes functionality such as wake from LAN, port scanning and a trace route feature. This app also contains a subnet calculator to help set up your subnetting on various devices. If you want a basic network diagnosis app, then Network Pro may be for you. However, those who need more functionality may want to look at other options.

Network Ping

by MochaSoft

This app does one thing well, which is pinging IP addresses. With the provided telnet console, you can ping a single IP, a subnet, and do a trace route. While not as fully featured as other apps here, Network Ping makes for a good app if you do not need extra functionality.

Decent Apps


by FuzzyLogics

While not as powerful as other apps here, NetSwissKnife does bring some neat functionality to the table such as finding the location of an IP address and performing Whois searches. I normally wouldn't recommend an app like this dues to its lack of features, however, since it is free, NetSwissKnife may be a good choice for users who do not demand more power from their networks.



NetToolz is another lightweight standard network app that can Ping, perform Whois searches, DNS lookups, and reverse DNS lookups. Aside from that, there is not much to this particular app. With its small price tag, it is a good choice for users with a small amount of needs from this category of apps.

Other Apps
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