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Ocean Tide Apps

Do you love to surf, dive, or simply enjoy walking beautiful beaches? If so, it is important to have some knowledge of how high or low ocean tides will be. Long gone are the days of carrying around pieces of paper and booklets with such details. There are a few nifty ocean tide apps for your iPhone that are great to keep on hand, especially since tide information constantly changes. In this AppGuide, we compare our favorite apps to help you monitor ocean tides.

Essential Apps


by Rivolu Pte Ltd

TideTrac's UI looks stunning and the app works incredibly well. You will be provided with day to day information for tidal levels. This universal app goes the extra mile by showing which days of each month will have the highest and lowest tides. Information is shown in a very clear and concise graph, making it easy to read as well. Mark your favorites tidal stations, and TideTrac will download entire tide tables for the whole year. Once you have your favorite info downloaded, you are also able to access it offline. If you are using this app on an iPad, you can even look up tides daily by what time it is. TideTrac will also give you the times for sunrises, sunsets, moonrises, and moonsets. Tide information is currently provided until 2015. This is our essential tidal app for planning days around surfing, walks on the beach, fishing, or even diving. (Please note: TideTrac supports only coastal U.S. Stations.)

Notable Apps

Tides Near Me - Free

by Randy MEECH

Tides Near Me - Free may look a bit simple when you open up the app, but the simplicity is refreshing. Whether you're heading to the beach to tan or going fishing, this universal app will provide tidal conditions near you. The app works fast, lets you know the time of the last tide and when the next will be, and features fully automated tide tables. Though Tides Near Me - Free does not have the elaborate graphs that TideTrac provides, it does give you a large amount of tidal information for areas both in and outside of the U.S. The app includes well over 4,400 tidal stations from Ireland to the U.K., and provides times that the sun or moon will rise and set. This app is free, but there is a paid version (linked below) available should you want to get rid of all ads. Tides Near Me - Free is a wonderful alternative to TideTrac if you are looking for a vast amount of tidal information nearest to you.

World Tides 2013

by Brainware

World Tides 2013 is the good alternative to Tides Near Me - Free. It contains a bit more artwork in the UI than the above app, if that is an important factor to you. World Tides 2013 will work in countries outside of the U.S.A. Supported countries include Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Japan, Malaysia, some of South Africa, Central America, South America and some of the Pacific Islands. Most importantly, the data is accurate and the app is easy to use. World Tides 2013 also provides times that the sun and moon will rise and set, has a GPS sensor and has almost 3,500 ports in its large database. If you would prefer to look up tidal information on your iPad, there is also a HD version available (linked below).

Hi Tide

by Bad Basenji Software

Hi Tide has a clean, simple, and easy to navigate UI. There are many nice features, including very quick tide predictions for more than 2,800 locations within the U.S. and U.S. territories. The blue and green graph makes it a no-brainer to read, showing the Ebb and Flood tides. Hi Tide gives you tidal predictions from the past (2011) all the way up until 2018. Sun and moon phases are included, and best of all, you need no internet connection.

Decent Apps

Tide Table

by Tudormobile LLC

Tide Table provides its tide predictions based on the information the app receives from Tides and Currents website, which is kept up by the folks that make up NOAA. Like Tides Near Me - Free, it provides a simple but easy to use UI, making this another great app to predict local or vacation destination tidal info. Your location data is not saved unlike some of the other apps mentioned in this AppGuide, so you will have to enter each place again and again. Still, Tide Table is a reliable app. There is also a HD version available specifically for your iPad, linked below.

Tide: Tidal Chronoscope

by ChronGlobal Corp.

Tide: Tidal Chronoscope is an interesting app. It provides tide graphs and charts, along with predictions in the form of a wristwatch. You will receive current and future tide information, add favorites to your own personalized list of locations, and detailed instructions. Although the UI and intelligence of the app provides quite a lot to work with, including over 9,400 tide stations, we did experience some crashing issues. The app is a bit too complicated and not always accurate, but is definitely worth a try. There is a separate iPad version linked below.

Tide Graph

by Brainware

Tide Graph and its counterpart iPad app (linked below) are very good tidal information apps for iOS. This one is for US only. It will work across both coastal lines and provide details on what time the high tide happens, as well as what time the low tide occurs. You will also receive the level of tide during the day. The graph helps you visually see how the tide changes over the day and the month. The interface is great and the content is very helpful. There are still some bugs that interfere with the use of Tide Graph, making it good but not great due to unpredictability.

Other Apps