Pong For iPad



Pong is one of the oldest arcade styled video games. It made its debut back in 1972. It is now almost 40 years later and the game has been given new life by consoles like the Playstation and XBox. The App Store has no shortage of pong apps. We find the best ones and compare them in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

  • Free

    Just Pong

    by Mike Miller

    Just Pong is the must-have pong app for the iPad. The app earns this because, as the app name suggests, it is “just pong.” There are no frills or gimmicks in this app. The developer sought to recreate and even improve a little bit on the original pong game from 1972. The graphics, sound, and experience bring you back to 1972 in a good way. The paddles let you have better control over where the ball goes by using a “convex” system. You can choose between easy or hard modes and one or two players. Simplicity and elegance is what makes this the essential pong app for the iPad.

Notable Apps

  • $2.99


    by Febo Studio

    MultiPong is your best alternative to Just Pong. MultiPong is a re-imagining of pong. You can have up to four people playing in seven different gaming modes. There are 11 different bonuses and 5 different ball sizes. Also included are four different table skins and 14 music themes created for this app. MultiPong packs in tons of features and is simply the best alternative to the essential Just Pong.

  • $0.99

    Puck it! HD

    by Dreamix Studio

    Modern Pong Full is a fantastic option for iPad users. The game features power ups, achievements, and tons of customizing options. We love the different arenas you can play in and the power-ups. Modern Pong Full is a great low cost option.

  • $0.99

    Tabletop Pong Classic

    by Deceased Pixel LLC

    Tabletop Pong Classic brings most of the retro goodness that the essential app has. You can play in three different difficulty levels or in two player mode. We didn’t find this app to be quite as good as the essential one, but still a very good option.

Decent Apps

  • $0.99

    Ping : Pong

    by aeliox

    Ping : Pong is yet another retro styled app that tries to compete with the essential Just Pong. The unique part of this game is you can adjust the background and foreground based upon the hue, saturation and brightness. Ping : Pong doesn’t have enough that makes it stand out from the other pong apps. The performance of the app was not quite as good as the essential one. Ping : Pong is a okay option, but not a fantastic one.

  • $0.99

    Art of Pong

    by DC Software Arts

    Art of Pong, simply put, is a disappointment. The gimmick of this app is that you are playing pong over an image. The images and backgrounds get in the way of the gameplay. There are 14 different images/themes and the ability to make your own themes. The ball size and speed can be adjusted as well as the motion effect levels. We cannot recommend this app to anyone other than those that really want to play pong on an image.

Other Apps