Print Out Enabled Augmented Reality Apps


Augmented reality apps provide some true innovation in the app space. There are several different ways to bring AR functionality into apps. One way is by using “print outs.” Print outs are files that you can either print out or display on an iPad. Simply point your iPhone 4, iPod touch 4, or iPad 2 at this print out and the fun begins. We compare the best of the print out augmented reality apps in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

  • $0.99


    by int13

    ARDefender lets you conduct a tower defense type game right on your kitchen table. The developers pack in tons of levels, great graphics, and reliable paper tracking to make this the essential app. The app worked well from a distance and also close to the paper. ARDefender is a great app, and for only $0.99, a must-buy.

Notable Apps

  • Free

    String™ Augmented Reality Showcase

    by String Labs Ltd

    String Augmented Reality Showcase provides some fun to a typical day. The print outs include several different experiences. You can play Pharoah’s Fury, control a martian, create artwork, customize shoes, and there is more to come. The paper recognition is pretty good, but not quite as good as ARDefender. String is a free app, which makes it even better. String is another fantastic AR app that deserves at least a little time on everyone’s iDevice.

  • $0.99



    ARGirl has great paper recognition. A girl will dance in up to 13 different dancing styles on the print out. You will need to have some music in your iPod app for the app to be fully functional. We are not sure how often you would really want to use this app, but it is a well-designed AR app and a good one to have.

  • $1.99

    Baby Flash AR

    by MXR International Limited

    Baby Flash AR is one of the coolest free AR apps out there. This one is for your kids. The print out has every letter of the alphabet. For this to work best you will want to cut out and separate the letters. Each letter shows a different object representing the letter. For example, the letter “a” shows an apple. Your iDevice will also speak the name of the object. The paper recognition is rock solid. Baby Flash AR is a must-have app for parents.

Decent Apps

  • Free


    by Simiotica

    ARBasketball has the potential for greatness, but falls short. In our testing the print out recognition was just not consistent enough or usable enough to warrant the purchase of this app. When we did get the app to work, the experience was a fun one. The print out enables you to shoot hoops anywhere you have your iDevice and your print out. We would recommend picking up the free version first to see if the paper recognition works well enough for you to pay for the app.

  • Free

    Liberty AR

    by Csanády Brothers

    Liberty AR is only in this guide in hopes that it improves over time. We did manage to get the statue to appear on our iPad 2, but it was not a reliable or consistent experience. The only purpose of this app is to show you a 3D rendition of the Statue of Liberty anywhere you place the print out. The good news is, the app is free, so you can see if it works for you.

Other Apps