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Putting Green Caddy Apps

Most golfers could use some help on the putting greens. Thankfully, the App Store has some solutions for you. Some apps use augmented reality and some use more tried and true methods. There are many options and we compare the best ones in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Golf Putt Reader

by Connect Infinity

Golf Putt Reader is the best of the best. This $3.99 app will help you improve your putting. The built-in caddy feature will help you aim correctly. The smart algorithms will help show you where your putt will break. The app hasn’t been updated in years, but the current version works wonderfully and can help you master the putting green.

Notable Apps

BreakMeter - the Golf Green Reader

by iApps

BreakMeter is another great option for reading those putting greens. The app uses your accelerometer to graphically show you where the slopes lie. The technology worked pretty well, but not as well as the essential app. The price is hard to beat at $0.99 and it's a great alternative to Golf Putter Reader.

Everyday Golf Coach

by Perish the Thought Golf

Everyday Golf Coach includes 32 videos designed to help you advance your golf game. There are several videos on improving your putting game. We found the videos to be extremely helpful. The price is not too high for what you get. The videos are stored within the app, which is why the app is a little over 500MB in size. Everyday Golf Coach is a great companion to the essential app.

Putting Pal

by Hurlybird Media

Putting Pal is a highly polished augmented reality putting aid app. The app will analyze the green and help you sink as many putts as possible. We found the app to be fairly accurate, but the technology really isn’t perfect yet. The reason we don’t have tons of these apps yet is because the technology isn’t quite there. For those that want an augmented reality green reader, this is the one to get.

Break Reader

by Seong Park

Break Reader is a fairly simple green break reading app. The app is a freebie, so it may be worth getting. Simply place your iPhone on the green and the app will tell you the break info. The accuracy is fairly good, but not perfect. Since it is a free app, we would recommend giving it a shot.

Decent Apps

phiGolf GreenReader

by phinetworks

PhiGolf GreenReader has great potential. The app uses augmented reality to help you read the greens. The goal of the app is to show you where the slopes and curves of the green are. You can also measure the distance from the ball to the hole with this app. Many more features are included, but all of that doesn’t matter. The stability and usability of the app is simply not there. The features advertised simply did not work in our testing. We cannot recommend this app until some much needed updates arrive.

Other Apps
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