Radar Apps

Never be caught in the rain again


Weather radars provide a quick way to see if rain and other storms are headed your way. There are tons of fantastic iPad and iPhone apps that help you view radars in your area. We take a look at those apps that just do radars in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

  • $0.99


    by atlwx.com

    The essential app, wxRadar, runs only $1.99. You get all of the benefits of the more expensive $4.99 and $9.99 apps out there. What makes this app stand out is the low price tag, detailed meteorologist info and Google maps integration. This is one of the few apps that lets you access Google maps as well as more traditional maps. You can add favorites and go into pro mode. The basic mode is for those that don’t want the more detailed weather info that serious meteorologists would want. Wxweather is the essential radar app for iOS.

Notable Apps

  • $4.99

    Radar Pro

    by Bryan Neel

    US Radar HD is a great radar app for iOS. This app not only runs on the iPad, but the iPhone too. The interface, speed, and great quality data make this a fantastic app. You’ll be notified of severe thunderstorms, flash floods, and tornado warnings. The radars are updated every five minutes. US Radar HD is a nice option for folks in the US.

  • Free

    MyRadar Weather Radar – Forecast, Storms, and Earthquakes

    by Aviation Data Systems, Inc

    MyRadar is great for those that are okay with ads. The radars included are very good and the interface feels more like an upscaled iPhone one. For those that want a nice free option, this is it.

  • $5.99

    Storm Spotter

    by Ross Kimes

    Storm Spotter is another solid app. The iPad version feels like a true iPad app. The design of this app is what makes it a winner. There are four map types and multiple radar types. Storm Spotter is an excellent replacement to the essential app.

  • $1.99

    NOAA Radar US - HD Weather Radar and Forecasts

    by Shuksan Software, LLC

    RadarUS is another app that does little to differentiate itself. The only thing that makes it a winner is its $1.99 price tag. There are some nice features such as four map styles, opacity adjustment, and a nice radar map legend.

Decent Apps

  • $9.99


    by Base Velocity, LLC

    RadarScope provides a very similar app to US Radar HD, but for twice the price. The interface is a bit different from the essential app, but nothing that makes it any better or wildly different.

Other Apps