Reminder Apps For The iPad

Never forget again!


If you are a forgetful person, then this AppGuide is for you. This AppGuide will explore some great options to let your iPad remind you of bills, pills, birthdays, appointments and more.

Essential Apps

  • $1.99

    BugMe! Stickies Pro - Ink Notepad & Alarms

    by Electric Pocket

    BugMe is the essential reminder app for the iPad. The app will run on your iPhone and your iPad. The app lets you turn your iPad into a cork board full of sticky notes. The sticky notes can have alarms set to remind you and you can even export those reminders to places you are more likely to see them. The app lets you turn each reminder into a home screen icon! The app will load an image of your note up into Safari and create a beautiful icon of what you need to do. The app can also send your reminder to the wallpaper of your iPad, which will ensure you truly do not forget. Choose from many different colors of ink and paper for your sticky notes. The app has badges to let you know how many items you need to be concerned about. If you are looking for the best designed reminder app for the iPad, this is it.

Notable Apps

  • $2.99


    by AlchemAid, LLC

    NoteMinder makes creating email reminders dead simple. The app is set up once to send an audio email. After you have the app set up you simply launch it, hit the big record button, and hit “stop and send” and it is on its way to your inbox. The iPhone version and even the iPad version can start and “stop/send” recordings with a simple shake. The functionality works on the iPad, but feels a bit weird because of the larger form factor. The app is a great one for those that like to simply clear their heads through audio recordings, but for those that want a more advanced reminder tool, we would recommend BugMe.

  • $0.99

    Gentle Reminder

    by Ringmaster Mobile

    Gentle Reminder takes a different approach to reminding you. The app is a simple clock that brightens when you have reached the alarm/reminder time. If the app is in the background it will do a simple popup reminder with no noise. The app is designed to calmly let you know when the alarm has gone off. The app only works with one alarm and within a time range of 15 to 75 minutes. The app is far too limited to be our recommendation as your only reminder app. It may be a great secondary reminder app for you, though.

  • $5.99

    iDay for iPad


    This app serves as more of a calendar with reminders built into it. The app will auto import all the birthdays from your address book and supply you with info from Wikipedia and other online sources for quick facts about today. The app can also include any custom reminders you would like to include. The app feels like it tries to give you too much information about each day. The app also carries a high price tag of $9.99. If you are looking for a reminder app that also floods your mind with other info, then this is a good option. But for everyone else, look elsewhere.

Decent Apps

  • $4.99

    NotifyMe for iPad

    by PoweryBase Inc.

    NotifyMe 2 Control Center is more than a simple reminder app. The app is more of a to do application. The interface is not as simple as a reminder app should be. A reminder app should be something that you can get into and out of quickly and not include the vast amounts of setup and organization that this app does. The app supports cloud based syncing, multiple accounts, time zone shifting and more. If you are looking for an advanced to do app, then this is a great option. Those looking for a reminder app should look elsewhere.

  • $0.99


    by keenInstructions

    Reminder is a very basic app that lets you set up custom reminders with countdowns. The app will use the local notification system in iOS 4 to notify you when a reminder goes off. The app lets you set weekly, yearly, or stand alone reminders. Reminders will run on your iPhone and your iPad. The app feels more like a blown up iPhone app, rather than a full out iPad app. If you are looking for a cheap way to get reminders onto your iPad, then this is an option.

Single Purpose Reminder Apps

  • $0.99

    Bill Reminder

    by iApp Ventures LLC

    Bill Reminder lets you make sure you don’t forget a bill payment. The app works with multiple currencies and provides easy organization. The app lets you prioritize your most important bills and lets you add both image and audio notes on each bill. Bill Reminder is also a password protected app, which is great to keep others out of it. The app runs on both the iPhone and iPad. The interface is fairly good, but still needs a bit of work. A great app for those that forget to pay their bills.

  • $1.99

    Birthday Reminders

    by bitrzr, LDA

    Birthday Reminders keeps track of all the birthdays you need to and notifies you when they are approaching. The birthdays you add within this app will be added to your regular contact app, which makes keeping your data in sync very simple. If you need birthday reminders, this is an app to get.

  • $1.99

    Doctors Appointment Reminder

    by iHealth Ventures LLC.

    Doctors Appointment Reminder is an app built from the ground up to ensure that you remember your medical appointments. The app includes custom fields pertaining to medical information you might need to remember for your appointment. The app is far from perfect, but one of the few of this kind.

  • Free

    Medicine Reminder HD - with Local Notifications Lite

    by YJ Soft

    If you need a simple and free app for pills, then this is a great option. The app includes the name, time, picture of the pill, and does reminding through local notifications. The app gives you the option to repeat reminders and include remarks and a summary list. The app is free and a great option for those needing to remember their pills.

Other Apps