Secret And Password Keeping Apps

Keep Your Sensitive Information Safe


From passwords and serial numbers to accounts and private notes, we all have data that we would like to keep secure. But instead of locking those scraps of data away in a safe, it would also be nice to have those items handy while on the go. With the following secret-keeping apps for iPhone and iPad, you can keep your confidential information safe and accessible.

Essential Apps

  • $10.99

    1Password Pro

    by AgileBits Inc.

    If you use 1Password on your Mac, then 1Password Pro for iPhone and iPad is a must. It supports many features that you would expect in a password/secret keeping app including website logins, software serial numbers, secure notes, as well as bank and credit card information. However, 1Password stands out from the crowd with its close browser integration and wireless background syncing. On the Mac (Windows version coming soon) 1Password provides a quick access button in your favorite browser to automatically fill in login information. All you have to remember is your "1Password." On your iDevice the same integration is accomplished through a bookmarklet. With built-in support for Dropbox, all of your passwords are immediately and automatically synced across devices in the background. With 1Password for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, you have access to all of your secure data wherever you are.

  • $4.99

    oneSafe - Premium password manager

    by Lunabee Pte. Ltd.

    oneSafe is a beautiful universal app that uses iCloud for syncing. While containing the same amount of functionality as 1Password, oneSafe manages to capture the best of iOS with a stunning interface and intuitive navigation. iCloud syncing works well and makes this app a winner. While there is no Mac app equivalent to sync to, oneSafe is easily one of the best secret keepers on iOS.

  • $2.99

    Password Caddy - A Secure Password Manager

    by AppPoetry LLC

    If you don't need desktop syncing but just want a simple app to securely store your passwords and other data, then check out Password Caddy. Its user interface is nicely polished and highly customizable. Caddies are folder groups for your data and can be set up with separate master passwords. Over 100 icons are available to distinguish any custom category that you can think of. Your most used passwords can be assigned as a favorite for quick access. Even though it doesn't sync to a desktop app, a free backup app is available for download that will wirelessly backup your database to your desktop for safe keeping. If your needs are simple, then Password Caddy will be an essential app for your iPhone.

Notable Apps

  • $9.99


    by Acrylic Software

    Wallet is an app that stores and encrypts your passwords, credit card numbers, serial numbers, etc. While doing so it also syncs all of your data to your iPhone and Mac using Dropbox or another WebDav server. At the price of just ten dollars, Wallet offeres a bang for your buck when compared to 1Password. It's a great option if you are looking for a wide range of functionality along with a secure place for holding your sensitive information.

  • $14.99

    IDeePal Pro

    by OniPal, Inc.

    IDeePal Pro is a unique app among password managers in that it focuses on the internet browsing experience for adding and using login information. With its built-in multi-tabbed browser, IDeePal provides an environment for you to surf the web and record and recall login information without leaving the app. When you navigate to a website needing a login for the first time, after entering your login information, click on the plus icon and IDeePal will prepare to record your login info for that site. After hitting submit, a new information card will be created for you with your login information. The next time you need that site just click on the InfoCard and you will be logged in automatically. IDeePal doesn't have the same support for secure notes and other snippets of data, but if your needs are centered around websites, IDeePal is worth a look.

  • $3.99

    SafeWallet - Password Manager

    by SBSH Mobile Software

    If you are a Windows user looking for an integrated password solution for your iPhone, then SafeWallet for PC and iPhone may be what you want. You can set up multiple wallets, which are like folder groups. Each wallet can have a separate master password for your data. The app includes many templates including car info, health insurance policies, passports, and bank accounts. With SafeWallet for PC, you can wirelessly sync your data between devices. With apps for both PC and iPhone, you can have a data management solution for a very affordable price.

  • Free

    LastPass - Password Manager & Secure Vault

    by Marvasol, Inc DBA LastPass

    LastPass is a web service for managing your passwords online. It is similar to 1Password in that you only need to remember a single master password. LastPass integrates across browsers and computers. However, if you want to use the LastPass iPhone app, it is reserved for premium users. The app is free, but premium features come at an annual cost of $12. If you are already using LastPass on your desktop and enjoy the premium features, then the LastPass app for iPhone and iPad is for your needs on the go.

  • $9.99

    eWallet - Password Manager and Secure Storage Database Wallet

    by Ilium Software, Inc.

    With eWallet, your iPhone or iPad can store all of your important data with a nice graphical touch. Your information is formatted like credit cards in your wallet. eWallet is a universal app for all of your iDevices. A companion PC and Mac app is available for desktop sync. Many templates are including for storing all types of information. The app doesn't include a built-in browser so you will have to go into Safari to enter your login info.

  • Free

    SplashID Safe Password Manager

    by SplashData

    SplashID has been around for a while with well-respected apps for palm devices as well as the desktop. With SplashID for iPhone and iPad, the tradition of solid and secure data management continues. A few unique features to SplashID include custom icons for data types, the ability to add attachments to records, and a "most viewed perspective," which shows your most commonly used pieces of data.

Decent Apps

  • $9.99

    mSecure Password Manager

    by mSeven Software, LLC

    mSecure is a universal app for iPhone and iPad to store more than just passwords. Templates are included for memberships, frequent flyer miles, combinations, prescriptions, etc. Better yet, if you don't see a category you want, you can create it and assign a custom icon. The iPad app lacks a unique interface despite the larger screen size. Along with your purchase the developers have included a free backup utility for your computer called "mBackup."

  • $9.99

    DataVault Password Manager

    by Ascendo Inc.

    DataVault Password Manager is a full-featured secret keeper app for iPhone and iPad. The interface is folder driven but takes a little getting used to. I desktop companion is also available for purchase to sync your data. Also incorporated into the app is a strong password generator. A lite free version is available to try but limited to 10 items.

  • $4.99

    PasswordWallet - Password Manager

    by Selznick Scientific Software, LLC

    PasswordWallet is a simple password management app that is light on eye candy but functional. It is has a built-in browser for visiting login sites. Technically you are able to fill in the login fields on a site but when I tried this I received a pop-up message that no field was selected. Sync is also supported via MobileMe, WiFi, or WebDav.

  • Free

    My Eyes Only® Classic - Secure Data Manager

    by Software Ops LLC

    My Eyes Only includes templates for many types of ID cards for storing information. Other types of information such as websites have a more generic template. The developer also sells a desktop companion app called "Aerochive," which doesn't provide a syncing solution but does back up your database in case you need to restore.

  • Free

    Moxier Wallet

    by Emtrace Technologies, Inc.

    Moxier Wallet stands out among password managers because of its free price tag. If you don't need desktop sync or backup and just want a password manager for your iPhone, Moxier Wallet fits the description. The interface has nice templates and icons that are easy to use. If you do want online backup/sync, a subscription model is provided as an option.

  • $9.99

    STRIP - Password Manager

    by Zetetic LLC

    Strip has been around since the Palm Pilot and continues to provide secure access to passwords and other data. With Strip you can customize your logins with custom fields and built-in icons. A free backup app for your computer enables WiFi backup and restore. The desktop app can import new entries from .CSV files and export your database to .CSV, but it isn't a full-fledged desktop editor for your data.

  • Free

    Password Manager Secret Server

    by Thycotic

    Password Manager Secret Server is a free app for iPhone for your passwords, credit cards, and accounts. It is particularly aimed at IT professionals and includes templates for VPN connections, server settings, SQL database accounts, and UNIX passwords. If you want more interactivity with your desktop, there are online subscription plans available. If you are comfortable with an app that relies on syncing with an internet site for backup and access, then Secret Server might fit your needs.

Password Generators

  • $1.99

    Ultimate Password Manager

    by Jean-Francois Martin

    Many of these secret-keeping apps include some password generation, but Ultimate Password Manager excels at creating and managing new and secure passwords. With password rules based on dictionary, words, or characters this app produces passwords that are not only secure but also memorable. Password profiles are customizable templates with settings for varied security, case sensitivity, and symbol inclusion. Ultimate Password Manager also keeps track of when your passwords expire so that you can rotate and keep them fresh. Lastly, with shake to generate, favorites, and a safe for your current passwords, Ultimate Password Manager is a serious password app for iPhone.

  • Free


    by Massively Overrated

    KeyGrinder is a free universal app for your iDevice that excels at providing you strong secure passwords, without you having to think much about them. Using an algorithm you enter the website in question and a simple easy to remember password. KeyGrinder then produces a super secure password based on the website and your simple password. The secure password comes out the same every time so that you can remember and reuse. A bookmarklet makes interacting with KeyGrinder possible from your browser.

  • Free

    Password Shaker

    by Exact Magic Software, LLC

    Password Shaker is just that; a simple app that produces a random password when you shake your iPhone. You can set how long the password should be and what types of characters you want. The app can even save passwords as well; but until Password Shaker requires a password of its own, I wouldn't use it for password management.

Other Apps