Smoothie Recipe Apps (For iPhone)

Delicious Recipes In Your Pocket


Are you into smoothies? Are you an iPhone user? There are some fantastic smoothie recipe apps for the iPhone. We compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

  • $1.99

    Green Smoothies

    by Raw Family

    Green Smoothies is one of the best smoothie apps for the iPhone. Pick an ingredient and it will show you a whole list of possible recipes. Green smoothies generally have vegetables that make them even healthier than fruit smoothies. For $1.99, this is a no brainer. There are some fantastic smoothies for you here, and even some smoothies for your pets!

  • $0.99


    by David Gulbrandsen

    The other essential smoothie app is iSmoothie. This app has just about everything. Smoothies with alcohol, chocolate, coffee, and the normal ingredients like strawberries and bananas. There are some great filters and ratings included in the app to make it easy to find the recipes right for you. The interface is also top notch, which makes the app fun to use. Grab this one today for only $0.99.

Notable Apps

  • $0.99


    by Mobile Buffalo, LLC

    Blender is a fantastic companion or alternative to the essential apps. Unlike the iPad version of the app, this one is a joy to use. The colors and design of the app make it fun to navigate and discover new smoothies. Included are 120 different smoothies, which you can sort through based on the ingredients. Blender is a nice app at a great price.

  • $1.99

    Pocket Smoothie Recipes


    Pocket Smoothie Recipes is a companion app for the website The app is well made and easy to navigate and use. The price of $1.99 is okay, not great. We did find it easier to get in and out to find smoothie recipes using the app rather than the website. There are some great recipes in here that you will not find in the other apps.

Decent Apps

  • $0.99

    Smoothies Drink Recipes

    by Creative Glance

    Smoothie Drink Recipes is another nice option. There are over 100 different smoothies. The recipes are all stored within the app, so no internet connection is required. You can email recipes out of the app. There are no calorie guides within the app, which is not a big deal for many. Smoothie Drink Recipes is another good option for those looking for a recipe app.

  • $0.99

    Abs Diet Smoothie Selector

    by Rodale, Inc.

    Abs Diet Smoothie Selector might have been a great app in the past. The current version is very buggy and unusable. Many of the recipes shown are incomplete. A broken app for now. We look forward to using this app when it is fixed and functional.

Smoothie Restaurants

  • Free

    Jamba Juice

    by Radiant Systems, Inc.

    Are you tired of shopping and making your own smoothies? Well Jamba Juice may be in your area. This smoothie restaurant makes some fantastic smoothies that you can customize any way you want. The pricing is reasonable as well. Their app enables you to find nearby locations, browse their menu, and see what’s new. A nice app for smoothie fans to have.