United States and Capitals Study Aid Apps

Learn those states and capitals with ease


Learning the 50 states and capitals can be a challenge for many young students and even older ones. Those students with iPhones/iPod touches may now have an edge. There is a wide variety of fantastic US state study aid apps. We compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

  • $1.99

    Stack the States™

    by Freecloud Design, Inc.

    Stack the States is the essential state learning app. You’ll be tested on capitals, state shapes, abbreviations, bordering states, location on the map, and much more. The app makes learning fun! This iPad and iPhone education app is more of a game than anything else. In fact four games are packed into this app. These include stack the states, pile up, puzzler, and capital drop. There is so much to love about this app. This is the essential app and it will only cost you $0.99.

Notable Apps

  • Free

    Geomaster USA

    by Visuamobile

    GeoMaster - US States is a fantastic free option. You’ll get tested on where each of the 50 states are. There is no capital testing. You do however learn the capitals as it flashes the capital along with the state when you are testing. There is a more content rich version of the app that includes worldwide geography. This is a fantastic app that is a great companion to the essential one.

  • $0.99

    States and Capitals Challenge – Flash Cards Speed Quiz for the United States of America

    by FunVid Apps LLC

    States and Capitals Challenge has some nice things to offer. One thing that stands out in this app is the city testing. Each state will quiz you on the location of the major cities. The design is simplistic and easy to use. This $0.99 app is another great addition to your state education folder.

  • Free

    US State Flashcards

    by Creative Tecknology

    US State Flashcards will quiz you on state mottos, state flags, population demographics, nicknames, shapes, and capitals. This free app is better than many of the paid alternatives. There is a ton of great data that you are tested on that makes this a great learning tool.

  • $1.99

    iStudy: State Capitals

    by Ronald Bell

    If you are searching for a barebones state capital flash card app, this is the one to get. The app contains all 50 states and you are tested to see if you know the capital. There is not much else to say. If you like simplistic and easy to use apps, you’ll love this one.

Decent Apps

  • $2.99

    50 States & Capitals

    by Zachery Poulter

    50 States & Capitals is an okay app, but overpriced at $2.99. This iPhone only app feels antiquated and lacking. There are a variety of learning methods included such as a memory game. This is one to skip for now.

Other Apps