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Video calling has historically been something people avoided. Then Apple introduced FaceTime and kicked this amazing feature into the mainstream. It just works and is a cinch to set up. But what if the person you want to see doesn't own an Apple device? Don't worry, these video calling apps will get you connected in no time!

Essential Apps

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    ooVoo – Free Video Call, Text and Voice

    by ooVoo LLC

    Although Skype is quite possibly the most well-known video calling app, ooVoo seems to be coming up fast on its heels. Video chatting on ooVoo comes out crisp and clear and you can video chat with up to 12 people. Like Skype, you can also voice call in this app and even send instant messages. This app is available across platforms, so friends that own other devices can use it as well.

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    Rounds Video Messenger - Fun Videochat, Audio Calls, Unlimited Texting & Live Group Chat

    by Rounds Entertainment Ltd

    Rounds is a neat little video calling app. It's reminiscent of FaceTime and Skype, but takes video calling to a whole other level. In Rounds you can send text messages, share photos, and video chat with up to 12 others. While you are video chatting you can play games with each other, watch Youtube videos, and even draw on their video feed ever-so-lovingly.

Notable Apps

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    Skype for iPhone

    by Skype Communications S.a.r.l

    Skype is the first company to really nail video calling and is even used during television and job interviews. As the gold standard, Skype has set the bar high with excellent video and audio quality, but has since been out-shined by a few apps in the category. The app itself isn't bad or terrible at all, it just isn't the same quality as it used to be. You can also make and receive phone calls if you buy Skype credit. If you're sticking with video, though, Skype has the advantage of also working on other devices such as Android and Windows phones, not limiting you to whom you can video call.

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    Spin Video Calls

    by Net Power & Light Inc.

    Spin Video Calls is a fun video calling app that focuses on allowing users to interact with one another. Not only can you video call multiple people at once, you can also share documents and photos with one another. There are even add-ons offered to make video chatting more entertaining.

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    imo free video calls and chat


    For the person that likes to keep it simple, but still wants an app that works like a charm, there is imo free video calls and chat. This chat lets you send messages and make both voice and video calls without losing quality. There are a few extras such as the ability to share photos and sprucing up your messages with fun stickers, but they don't clutter up the app.

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    Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice

    by Google, Inc.

    When Google launched their Google+ social network, Hangouts were a killer feature. Now they've broken Hangouts out into a standalone app. Video conferencing is simple. Hangouts can support up to ten people at a time. The focus of the chat automatically changes to whomever is speaking. Want to go text-only? Hangouts can instantly change to a group chat app. Whether on an iPad, iPhone, Android, or using a PC, Hangouts has you covered.

Decent Apps

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    Tango - Free Text, Video & Voice Calling

    by TangoMe, Inc.

    Tango is another way to make cross platform calls to both iOS and Android users. Tango can do video or voice-only calls. You can also record a video message to send to someone, a feature no other app offers. Tango tries to offer a little bit of everything. This may overwhelm people who simply just want to make a video call.

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    Yahoo Messenger - free SMS, video & voice calls

    by Yahoo

    Yahoo! Messenger provides another venue to make free video calls. The app and call quality is very good. Your only problem may be finding people to talk to on this service. If you have a bunch of Yahoo! friends, then you will want to check this app out.

  • Free


    by WeChat

    WeChat falls into the same boat as Tango since it has a ton of features around video calls. Making a call within the app is easy. One nice advantage is the ability to switch to just audio on the fly. It does have an innovative feature called Look Around. WeChat uses your location to find other users around you. Then you can call them. While WeChat is free, there is a lot of upselling with in-app purchases.

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