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Video calling has historically been something people avoided. Then Apple introduced FaceTime and kicked this amazing feature into the mainstream. It just works and is a cinch to set up. But what if the person you want to see doesn't own an Apple device? No worries because these video calling apps will get you connected in no time!

Essential Apps

  • Free

    Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice

    by Google, Inc.

    When Google launched their Google+ social network, Hangouts were a killer feature. Now they've broken Hangouts out into a standalone app. Video conferencing is simple. Hangouts can support up to ten people at a time. The focus of the chat automatically changes to whomever is speaking. Want to go text-only? Hangouts can instantly change to a group chat app. Whether on an iPad, iPhone, Android, or using a PC, Hangouts has you covered.

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    Skype for iPhone

    by Skype Communications S.a.r.l

    Skype is the first company to really nail video calling and is even used during interviews on television. As the gold standard, Skype has set the bar high with excellent video and audio quality. You can also make and receive phone calls if you buy Skype credit. If you're sticking with video, Skype has the advantage of also working on the Kindle Fire, giving you even more options.

Notable Apps

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    Camfrog Video Chat

    by Camshare, Inc.

    Camfrog takes video calling and mixes it with classic chat rooms. This app allows you to make one-on-one video calls with other Camfrog contacts. The killer feature of this app is that you can join chat rooms where you can actually see the people you are speaking with. The app takes its terms of service seriously by warning users many times that it's family-friendly. People are kicked out right away if they break the rules and you can block people if you don't want to speak to them.

  • Free


    by fringland Ltd.

    Fring is another video calling option that still holds up since being introduced a few years ago. Group video calling is possible with Fring. That makes it a good competitor to Google's Hangouts. Fring has an okay interface and allows you to call both Android and iPhone users.

  • Free

    IM+ Video

    by SHAPE GmbH

    If you're a Facebook fanatic then IM+ may be a good fit. This app integrates with Facebook to let you receive and place calls within the Facebook website. This means the other party doesn't need to have the app installed. Conversation history the ability to send photos are some of its great features.

Decent Apps

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    Tango - Free Text, Voice, Video & Calling App

    by TangoMe, Inc.

    Tango is another way to make cross platform calls to both iOS and Android users. Tango can do video or voice-only calls. You can also record a video message to send to someone, a feature no other app offers. Tango tries to offer a little bit of everything. This may overwhelm people who simply just want to make a video call.

  • Free

    Yahoo Messenger - free SMS, video & voice calls

    by Yahoo

    Yahoo! Messenger provides another venue to make free video calls. The app and call quality is very good. Your only problem may be finding people to talk to on this service. If you have a bunch of Yahoo! friends, then you will want to check this app out.

  • Free


    by WeChat

    WeChat falls into the same boat as Tango since it has a ton of features around video calls. Making a call within the app is easy. One nice advantage is the ability to switch to just audio on the fly. It does have an innovative feature called Look Around. WeChat uses your location to find other users around you. Then you can call them. While WeChat is free, there is a lot of upselling with in-app purchases.

Other Apps