VOIP Apps For iOS

Make Voice Calls Without A Phone Plan


The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are all fantastic devices to make free or low cost VOIP calls. There are tons of different solutions available. This AppGuide will guide you through the best out there for iOS.

Essential Apps

  • Free

    Talkatone - Free SMS Text Messages, WiFi Texting Chat and Phone Voice Call App with Facebook


    Talkatone paired with the other essential app, GV Connect, create a killer combo. Talkatone is the only app we have found that can take advantage of Google’s free calling feature found in Gmail. The app runs very efficiently in the background alerting you when you have new calls. Calling runs great on both a Wi-Fi connection or a 3G connection. The app is also used as a way to chat through Google Talk. The app supports both portrait and landscape modes and even includes Bluetooth headset support. If you are looking for a free and easy way to call, then this app is a must have.

  • $2.99

    GV Connect - Call & SMS for Google Voice

    by Andreas Amann

    The other essential app is GV Connect. The app is a fantastic companion to Talkatone. The app is used to access your Google Voice account on any iOS device. If you do not have a Google Voice account, then simply visit voice.google.com. The app has even been reworked and optimized for the iPad. The app allows you to send SMS messages, listen/read voicemail, view your call history, and access all of your settings. The app actually integrates with Talkatone to start calls. When you start a call using GV Connect you have the option to place calls using Talkatone. The app will automatically launch Talkatone to initiate any call. The integration is simply fantastic. These two apps make up the best combination for VOIP on any iOS device.

Notable Apps

  • Free

    Skype for iPhone

    by Skype Communications S.a.r.l

    Skype is the obvious alternative to the Google solution. Skype allows you to call other Skype members for free or call traditional phones for a very low cost. Skype can also set you up with a real phone number that people can call, which is part of their premium service. The app now has the ability to place video calls similar to FaceTime. The app will run in the background, but it is more power hungry than Talkatone and you may find yourself with a dead battery in a few hours. The app is a great alternative and backup if Talkatone does not work for you.

  • Free


    by Viber Media SARL.

    Viber is a very different type of VOIP app that currently works with the iPhone only. What makes this app so great is that you do not need to sign up for yet another service to use it. That's because Viber uses your phone number as your ID and connects to other Viber users by their phone number. There is also no buddy list included, instead the app gives you access to your address book to make calls. It is right to sum Viber up as Facetime without the face; this app has a lot of cool functionality included and is extremely easy to use, making it an easy recommendation.

  • Free

    Whistle Phone

    by Vail Systems, Inc.

    Whistle Phone is a great option for iOS users to make free ad-supported calls. The app has been even optimized for the iPad. The app will give you a free Whistle phone number that traditional phones can call and the app will even reroute those calls to your landline or mobile phone if you are unable to answer your Whistle phone. For Mac users there is now a Whistle Phone app available in the Mac App Store. The app supports 3rd party SIP services for the more advanced VOIP user. The app is a highly polished and great alternative to the Google solution.

  • Free

    iCall - Small Business VoIP

    by iCall, Inc.

    The next app is called iCall and it is another alternative to Skype and Google. The app requires that you sign up for a free account to begin making calls. The calls are free, but limited to five minutes in length. There is an option to upgrade to a premium account for additional features. The app does run in the background, which is essential for any VOIP app. The app provides pretty good sound quality and is a real competitor to Google and Skype. In our opinion the Google Voice/Talkatone solution is by far a more integrated and seamless solution, but for those that want an alternative this is a good one.

Decent Apps

  • Free

    Truphone – Free calls & messages, local or international

    by Truphone

    Truphone has apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app can call other Truphone, Skype, or GTalk users for free over 3G or Wi-Fi. If you want to call real phones, that can be done for 2.1 cents per minute. The app also supports text messaging, free voicemail, Twitter integration, background calling and more. The app experience still felt like a work in progress in our testing. The features did work, but were not as well implemented as the other VOIP apps we tested out. If the other apps didn’t work for you this is one to try out.

  • Free

    Line2 - Second Number on Your Phone

    by Line2, Inc.

    Line 2 is another option available to make phone calls on your iOS device. The app supports using the voice network when you do not have a data connection. The app will run you $9.95 a month for use. The price is a bit high for what it does. The app does take advantage of some very nice features including 3G/Wi-Fi switching when transitioning from 3G to Wi-Fi. The app also supports backgrounding, which enables you to receive phone calls while doing other things on your iOS device. The service is too costly for what it does and the app is simply not as polished and bug free as the other options available.

Other Apps