Wallpaper Apps For The iPad


Customizing your iPad is easy with wallpaper apps. There are many options available for finding a fabulous new background image for your iPad. We find the best ones and compare them in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

  • $1.99

    Ocean Encounters: A Photographic Exploration of Marine Wildlife

    by Banzai Labs

    Ocean Encounters is a $1.99 app that will run on both the iPhone and the iPad. There are 25 different galleries and 250 different images included in this release. Every image is super high quality and any one of these would make for an amazing background. We picked this one as the essential app because of the image quality. You don’t have thousands or millions of pictures to sort through. Instead you have 250 incredible images. Ocean Encounters is the essential wallpaper app for the iPad.

  • $1.99

    Neon Wallpaper for iPad

    by AppVision Ltd

    This app is just plain cool. We have decided to have two essential apps for this category. Neon Wallpaper will allow you to create your very own wallpaper. You can customize your background and foreground. Neon words gives your wallpaper true style. We absolutely love this app. Try Neon Wallpaper for iPad if you want stunning custom-made images for your iPad!

Notable Apps

  • Free

    HD Wallpapers for iPad

    by Seth Schnelle

    HD Wallpapers for iPad includes thousands of very high resolution images that can be used for your new iPad background. The developers continue to add more and more images with every update. These images are hand picked and are simply beautiful. If ocean images are not your thing, you might want to check out the gorgeous images in this app.

  • $0.99

    Wallpaper Gallery HD

    by sangood

    Wallpaper Gallery HD includes over 600 images optimized for the iPad screen. All of the images are included in the app, so once you download the app you have them. No network connection is needed to use these images. Wallpaper Gallery HD is another great app to try if you want to have even more fabulous wallpaper images.

Decent Apps

  • $0.99

    Amazing Nature - Wallpaper

    by Orange inc

    Amazing Nature is a universal app. The problem with this app is the images. The images are beautiful, but they are not optimized for the iPad. In many cases they are not even optimized for the iPhone. We want to love this app, but until the quality and dimensions of the images are fixed, it is a do not buy. Amazing Nature has some real potential, but right now is one to avoid.

  • $0.99

    Image Searcher - Image & Wallpaper Searcher

    by FireBird Creations

    Image Searcher provides you a good interface to search through Google images. We cannot really recommend this app. The functionality for this app is replicated in Safari. You can tap and hold on any image to save it to your Camera Roll and then use it for your wallpaper. Image Searcher is for those that are willing to pay for a little better UI to access Google image search.

Other Apps