Word A Day Apps

Learning Words Has Never Been This Easy


Who doesn’t want to have a better vocabulary? What better way than by learning a word each day? Now with the iPhone you can take advantage of apps that make it easy to learn a word a day. We compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

  • $1.99

    Word A Day Pictures & Audios by VocabAhead

    by Lafazi, Inc

    The essential word a day app is “Word A Day Visuals and Audios by VocabAhead.” What makes this a winner is the great words, fun images and audio that go along with each word. There are two additional versions available: one is free and the other provides more advanced words (scroll down for links to these apps). The app incorporates local notifications to ensure you never forget a day. You’ll also have access to past days. If you are a big fan of a certain word you can favorite it. Word A Day Visuals and Audios is a fun and fast way to expand your vocabulary every day.

  • $0.99

    Word of the Day (All-in-One)

    by Code Driven

    Word of the Day (All-in-One) is the other essential app. The app succeeds because of its great daily data and nice interface. The app pulls words in from Merriam-Webster.com, Dictionary.com, Education.Yahoo.com, TheFreeDictionary.com, Wordsmith.org, UrbanDictionary.com, Braingle.com, Scrabble-Assoc.com, and MedicineNet.com. The content is good, the presentation is good. This app is a keeper.

Notable Apps

  • Free

    Weird Word of the Day (iAd Supported) : augment your vocabulary with amazing new words

    by PBJ Studios

    Weird Word of the Day is an iAd supported free app. This is a fantastic companion app to either of the essential apps. This app shares a daily weird word that you can then add to your own writing or conversations. The words are top notch and many of them you have probably never heard before. You can share those words on Facebook or Twitter from within the app. This is a must have app for anyone wanting to make their conversations or writing even better.

Decent Apps

  • $3.99

    Elegant Word of the Day

    by Elegant Technologies, LLC

    Elegant Word of the Day is over-priced at $3.99. It has not been updated since it was released in October 2008. The app feels old because it is. The font used is sometimes hard to read. We would gladly pay $0.99 for an app of this calibre, but $3.99 is a bit of a stretch. The collection of words is good, but whether it is worth the price is up to you.

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