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A Day At The Beach

Whether you are going on a beach vacation or have the luxury of living near a beach, there are some apps that you’ll want to have handy. We showcase our favorites in this AppList.

Beach Finder

by Rounders Consulting Inc

Before you go to the beach, you'll need to know where the beaches are. Beach Finder will help you locate beaches and it will even show you ratings and images of the beach.


by GeoTerrestrial, Inc

A free alternative to Beach Finder is BeachSpot. The app has similar functionality and is another option for those that like a freebie.


by Mark Kuric

Now that you have found a beach to go to, you are going to want to know about the tides. When will you have more water on the beach, and when will you have more sand to play with? These questions are good to have answered before you go.


by StudioDalton

An absolutely critical thing to having a fun outing at the beach is weather. Going to a cloudy and cold beach is not what most people enjoy. The BeachWeather app grabs weather info about specific beaches! This is not a general use weather app for cities, but rather individual beaches and their conditions. Is your beach going to have sun and warm temps? You’ll know with this app.

Beach Bum

by Catalyst SGC

Beach Bum is an alternative to BeachWeather. It includes some unique features such as air temperature and water temperature. It also has info such as UV index and the wave height. A nice alternative that many may enjoy.

The Weather Channel®

by The Weather Channel Interactive

While vacationing, you are probably going to want to know what the surrounding area is like. For all-around great weather info, grab the free Weather Channel app.

Beach Safety

by My Surf World

While at the beach you are going to want to stay safe. What better way than by being an informed beach goer? The Beach Safety app will educate you on some different dangers and things to be aware of while having your day at the beach.


by Monika Morris

Staying safe at the beach also means staying safe in the sun. You do not want to leave the beach burned and exposed to excess UV damage. The iSunBurn app informs you at how bad the UV rays are that day. It will even let you know what strength of sunscreen you will need in order to stay safe.

EWG Sunscreen Buyer's Guide

by Environmental Working Group

When applying sunscreen, you are going to want to apply something that works. The EWG Sunscreen Buyer’s Guide is a free app that compares 1,700 different types of sun protective products, from sunscreen to clothing items. Be an informed consumer and pick up this freebie today.

Perfect Tan

by customaze GmbH

While at the beach you are probably going to want to get a tan. What about the perfect tan? How do you know when enough is enough? How do you know what kind of sunscreen to apply? Well, the Perfect Tan app is an incredible app to help you out. It customizes tanning recommendations based on your skin type and current location. There is a sun timer to let you know when to turn over or call it quits. Come back from the beach with a perfect tan with this app.

That Beach Channel

by That Beach Channel

Now that you have that perfect tan and are back in the real world, you may miss the beach. You may miss that life of relaxation and peace. That Beach Channel app will help bring you back into the beach world. Immerse yourself in ten different beaches, right on your iPhone.

Beach Backgrounds

by Pulse2

To continue thinking upon your great beach trip, you may want to change up your iPhone’s wallpaper with some beach-themed ones. You can of course use pictures you have taken. You can also grab this app for some beautiful beach wallpapers. Let your iPhone wallpaper remind you of the wonders of the beach.

Beach Meditation by Glenn Harrold: Self-Hypnosis Relaxation for Sleep

by i-mobilize, inc.

Do you miss the peaceful soothing nature of the beach? Well, you can bring that back to life with this app. Not only a great way to relax during the day, but also a great way to fall asleep.

iBeach Cameras

by Zhan Tian

Want a beach webcam? Would you like to see live photos of what is going on at various beaches? Well, this app brings you a new photo every ten seconds from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Beach House Design

by Ariane5

If you have decided that you cannot be away from the beach then you’ll want to grab this one. This app features tons of the very best beach houses out there. You’ll get an idea of what you are looking for when you move out and live the dream on the beach.