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Accessory Enabled iOS Apps

The operating system that powers your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad can do some pretty cool things. One really great thing is the ability to use Bluetooth, headphone or dock enabled accessories that add even more functionality to your iOS device. This AppList will showcase some of the best ones out there.

Square Register

by Square, Inc.

Accessories are expensive. You are no longer dealing with $0.99 low cost app commodity purchases. In order to actually purchase your accessories you'll want to earn some extra cash. Square is a great app and accessory for your iOS device. The app is universal so it will run great on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. The app integrates with a headphone dongle that can actually read credit cards. The app allows you to do credit card transactions on your device. The fees are minimal and it is a perfect solution for smaller vendors or individuals that need to get paid through credit cards. The app includes an inventory feature. You can set up the items you will be selling and simply tap those items when someone wants to buy them. The app is dead simple to use and the dongle is free and comes within a month of signup in most cases. This app is a must have for anyone wanting to make some extra money on their iOS device.

TomTom car kit tool

by TomTom International BV

After making a bunch of cash through Square you'll be able to afford this expensive car kit. The TomTom car kit enables your iPod touch to use GPS apps such as the TomTom app. There is also a car kit available for the iPhone, which will enhance your GPS reception. The car kit app will allow you to see your GPS reception and display information about the car kit such as the firmware number. If you are an iPod touch user, then the TomTom car kit is a great way to add iPhone-like capabilities to your device.


by New Potato Technologies, Inc.

While driving with your TomTom Car Kit it may be a good idea to pick up this wireless audio accessory. TuneLink is an app that integrates with a Bluetooth in-car audio solution by the same name. The Bluetooth accessory plugs into your cigarette lighter and uses either FM or AUX input to connect to your speakers. The dongle also features a USB charging port, which has enough output to charge your iPad. The audio sounds simply fantastic on both FM and AUX. If you have been frustrated with other FM transmitters then this is one that we would recommend trying out. The audio sounds really fantastic for an FM device. The app lets you configure your TuneLink. In the app you set up which FM station you want the TuneLink to send audio to and includes access to your iPod library. The app is location aware and will let you know the best stations to use. The app also includes settings for auto connect, auto play, auto run app and output volume. If you are looking for a really sleek in-car audio solution the $99.99 TuneLink Auto is something you might want to consider.


by REM Solutions

Driving all day can be exhausting. The WakeMate hardware/app combo will help you get your energy back. The app integrates with a Bluetooth wristband that you wear when you sleep. The band will let your iOS device know when the optimal time for you to wake up is. The app will let you set a wake up time range (waking you up at the optimal time) and stores information about how you feel when you wake up. The wristband runs $59.99 and can be purchased from Amazon or their website directly. If you have problems sleeping this combo can help you wake up on the right side of the bed.

iHealth BPM


Getting a good night's rest is an excellent start to the day. Monitoring your health is another important thing to do. The iHealth BPM app integrates with a dock enabled blood pressure monitor for your iOS devices. The app runs universally on all of your iOS devices and includes some very nice features. The app lets you visualize your progress through graphs and showing you your different data points. The app lets you share your information through email, which comes in handy if you are working with a doctor. The app records your systolic and diastolic pressures, heart rate, measurement time, pulse-wave graphs, and keeps it all handy on whatever device you use. The dock costs $99.95 and is available at their website The dock comes with a connect cable, cuff, and user guide. If you need to keep track of your blood pressure on your iOS device, then this is an app for you.


by WiThings, S.A.S.

Besides the iHealth system you'll also want to record your actual body weight. Withings has a pretty nice solution. This app will track your weight and BMI. The app integrates with a Wi-Fi enabled scale and the Withings BPM for iOS. The BPM is currently not available, but should be available in the coming months for around $100. The Wi-Fi scale runs $159 and can connect to Twitter and other online services. The app will take the data from both the BPM and scale and show you your progress. The app shows your weight and fat body mass. The app will automatically calculate your BMI. If you do not know what is healthy then the app will tell you what your target BMI should be. The app will show you your data in graphs as well, which makes it very easy to see how you progress. The app provides a fantastic solution for those working on losing weight or maintaining their current weight.

AmpliTube for iPad

by IK Multimedia

After ensuring your health is on track you may want to jam out. The AmpliTude for iPad app integrates with the AmpliTude iRig hardware add-on that is available in Apple Stores for $39.95. The accessory allows you to plug your guitar into your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. The accessory sends a mono input into your iOS device and stereo output for headphones, amps, or speakers. There are several versions of the app available including free versions for the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The paid iPad app features multi-fx processor for your guitar, bass, or other connected instruments. The app also lets you record up to eight different tracks with master effects applied to your recording. The app also includes tons of different stompboxes and includes a metronome and tuner. If you are a guitar player looking for a sweet iOS app this is an app to check out.

tivizen WiFi ATSC-M/H

by Valups Corporation

As fun as guitar is you can't play it forever. When you want to take a break grab the Tivizen Mobile TV Viewer. It allows you to watch free over the air broadcasts. The app requires you purchase a dongle that works with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The dongle should be available in the summer for around $100. The concept is pretty amazing: without any Internet connection you can start watching TV anywhere that you pick up TV signals. The app is available today, but not functional until later this year. There are hundreds of accessories available for iOS and these are some of our favorites.