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Apps for cooking and dining in

We're not all professional chefs, but that doesn't mean we can't make really yummy food. This is a list of the must-have apps for cooking and eating at home. From shopping lists to recipes — and everything in between — fill your iPhone with kitchen and grocery essentials.

Paprika Recipe Manager for iPhone - Get your recipes organized!

by Hindsight Labs LLC

If you're looking for a fine-tuned recipe manager, Paprika is your answer. With this app, you can grab recipes from the internet and instantly save them with Paprika's special, built-in "recipe format." Not only is Paprika gorgeous to look at, but the included meal planner and shopping list function will save you time and energy when preparing that wonderful dinner.


by Ruhlman Enterprises, Inc.

Sick of recipes and ready to try your hand at an original recipe? Michael Ruhlman's Ratio app revolutionizes the home kitchen. Cook according to ratios and expand your culinary creativity. Instead of being bound to one ingredient or another, think of each food in terms of its components. For instance, cookie dough is one part sugar, two parts fat, and three parts flour. Get creative and start thinking like a chef!

Vegan Nom Nom

by Wydeye Inc.

Vegan Nom Nom is a great app full of 100% vegan recipes. For those of use who have dietary restrictions, want to eat better, or live the vegan lifestyle, this app is a godsend. There are a ton of recipes and they are easy to follow, which is always a plus.

Grocery iQ


Before you head to the store, write the perfect grocery list with Grocery IQ. The app is free, universal, and you can create and edit your list online from any computer. With features like barcode scanning, list sharing, and integrated coupons, you'll shop smarter than ever.

Fooducate - Healthy Weight Loss, Food Scanner & Diet Tracker

by Fooducate, Ltd.

Staying healthy by choosing the right things to eat isn't always easy. With Fooducate, you can easily scan your food at the market to help you choose the healthiest of items. The app gives you all the nutritional information you need to stay on track and eat healthily.

Harvest - Select the Best Produce

by Sean Murphy

Speaking of healthy, when you're out buying produce, do you ever wonder which fruit or veggie to pick? How do you test each one for peak ripeness? Good thing it's Harvest time. Here, you'll find many tips on picking the best produce.

Ask The Butcher

by Vic's Premium Quality Meat

Do diagrams of cuts of meat make you drool? Ask The Butcher will make your heart throb. Select your cut from a beautiful interface, find recipes, and use their cooking timer to cook your meat perfectly. So, pull this app out next time you're at your butcher or supermarket and pick the perfect cut.

Weber’s On the Grill™

by Weber-Stephen Products Co.

Not all home cooking is done in the kitchen. Get out there and fire up that grill. With this app you'll get tons of grilling ideas from the experts at Weber. I'll have two veggie skewers, and my steak should be medium well. Now, what channel is that game on?

Hello Vino - Wine Assistant - Recommendations, Search & Scanner

by Drive Thru Interactive

Why not get some drinking wine while you're out buying some cooking wine? Indulge your inner wino with some vino. Pick the perfect bottle for any meal, occasion, or palette. Hello Vino has the most comprehensive wine database out there, recognizes labels, and lets you save your favorites for future reference.

Kitchen Calculator PRO

by Forward Leap, LLC

Recipe conversions and measurements can be the bane of a home cook's existence. Skip the frustration with Kitchen Calculator and let it do your kitchen math for you. Scale your recipes for more or fewer people, convert international measurements, and do weight to volume conversions.

Alarmed ~ Reminders + Timers

by Yoctoville

It's time to get everything packed in the oven and hot on the stove. Hosting a party? If so, you're probably in the middle of making several courses at once and need to keep track of all their cooking times. This app keeps all of your timers in one place. With one-time notifications, custom alerts, and over 80 unique alarms, Alarmed is a valuable kitchen aid.

Smart Chef Substitutions

by Rantek Inc.

Oh, no! You forgot to get eggs at the grocery store and now you don't have enough for this recipe. Smart chefs turn to Smart Chef Substitutions and you should too. This handy app can save you tons of frustration. Just type in the quantity of the ingredient you need and you'll get substitution options that should work in a pinch. No more eleventh hour despairing when there's food in the oven!