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Apps For Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner. Instead of getting your dad another tie, why not sneak off with his iPad or iPhone and download some apps to surprise him? Here is a list of apps that are sure to make any dad smile.

Super Stickman Golf 2

by Noodlecake Studios Inc

Many dads enjoy playing a good game of golf. Super Stickman Golf 2 has some pretty amazing graphics, and gameplay that is enjoyed by all. This universal game includes 30 different golf courses, customizable characters, and 70 achievements. Any father will surely have a blast playing on this fairway from the comfort of home.


by Electronic Arts

Perhaps your dad is a soccer fan. If so, he will love playing FIFA 14. This app is a great soccer game for any fan of the sport. The gameplay and graphics are dynamic. Play with teams from some of the most respected leagues in the world. FIFA 14 is a wonderful choice for casual and serious gamers, and will keep dad happily entertained. This game in universal, so dad can enjoy it on any of his iDevices.

Klaser - Stuff Organizer

by UPTON Sp. z o.o.

If your dad is like mine, he has all kinds of "stuff," and could use a bit of help organizing it. Klaser - Stuff Organizer will help him remember where everything is. Just take a picture of what you would like to keep track of, label it, time stamp it, and dad will have a visual log of everything that he chooses to put in Klaser. Klaser is an iPhone-only app, but they do have plans to make an iPad version in the near future.

PowerGuard - Master your iPhone, protect your privacy and security

by RebornInfo

PowerGuard will help your dad keep important details about his iPhone all in one place. This iPhone-only app has a special section for private photos with facial detection, and even provides the ability to back up contacts to iCloud or Dropbox. PowerGuard lists details about your iPhone, such as hardware and warranty information, storage, disk space, and CPU usage. There are also helpful tips to help dad know when to charge his battery. This app is truly all that is needed to guarantee your father's iPhone maintenance.

Real Racing 3

by Electronic Arts

Tired of your father doing backseat driving? It's time to show him how to REALLY drive in Real Racing 3. This universal app has the largest roster of cars that have ever been available in this franchise: over 70 very detailed cars, to be precise. Dad can cruise around on his choice of 12 different racing tracks from the most desired locations in the world, and compete in more than 1500 events - right from the comfort of his favorite armchair.

Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem

by Zynga Inc.

People from all around the world enjoy a good game of poker, not just dads. Zynga has managed to connect over 6 million daily players to make sure your dad will never get lonely in the lobby. Gameplay is all for fun, and not for the winnings, ensuring that people play to have fun and not to be greedy. Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem is a universal app.


by Fiona Patterson

Does your dad work hard all week at the office? Does he come home sore and stiff? If so, he will greatly appreciate SALUTE THE DESK. This universal app was written by an extremely qualified yoga, tai chi, an qigong instructor who wants to help with tension and stress that builds up in ones body while stuck sitting in a desk all day. Dad will learn how to improve his posture, release built-up tensions, and balance his mind and body. This is the perfect gift for your father, who will come home a bit more relaxed each day, and will have you to thank for it.


by Apple

We all love a good read, so why not load the iBooks app onto your dad's iOS device and gift him some books? The iBookstore contains thousands of choices, so you will surely be able to find books that your father will enjoy reading. The iBooks app is universal and free to download, but content must generally be purchased.


by Nik Software, Inc.

Family moments mean the world to all fathers. Allow your dad to enhance those special moments on his iPhone or iPad. Snapseed makes it easy to do professional editing, with features such as crop and changing contrast settings. After your dad has finished tweaking the photos of his choice, he can then share directly on Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, and others.

Spotify Music

by Spotify Ltd.

Music is a universally pleasing form of art. Why not gift your dad a Spotify subscription? Spotify provides access to millions of songs, in all genres, and for a lower price than purchasing them individually. Spotify's universal app allows for songs to be downloaded for offline use. Whether your dad is kicking back and playing one of the games suggested above, organizing his stuff in a clutter-free manner, or listening to his favorite tunes, his heart will smile when he sees how much thought you have put in to showing him how much you care. From all of us here at AppAdvice, we hope you have a very Happy Father's Day!