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Apps For Guitarists

The iPhone has become a great tool for musicians with tuners, metronomes, and even recording apps. Beyond these generic musical apps there are another set of apps that are geared for guitarists. Whether you are just learning or want to enhance your rig for your next gig, these apps for guitarists will help you max out your axe.


by Agile Partners

If you like your tablature then you will want TabToolkit on your iDevice. As a universal app, TabToolkit is a sheet music and tablature viewer with some great built-in tools for guitarists. Tab files can be download directly from internet and may include GuitarPro and PowerTab files, as well as PDF. With a built-in metronome and multitrack audio playback, TabToolkit is a great practice tool for the aspiring guitarist.


by IK Multimedia

With AmpliTube in your pocket you have a complete stompbox effects processor, amplifier, and recording studio on the go. With support for 4 tracks, 11 stompbox effects, 5 amps, 5 speaker cabinets, and 2 types of microphones, AmpliTube is an ambitious app for the serious guitarist. With the additional peripheral, iRig, you can achieve high quality recordings with just your guitar and iDevice. The total cost of AmpliTube and iRig is expensive for an iPhone solution, but considering the features and quality, many serious guitarists will find AmpliTube worth the cost.

Planet Waves Guitar Tools

by Planet Waves

Guitar Tools is your complete guitar utility tool kit. Not only can you browse over 7000 chords but you can also discover new chords by playing them in on the touch screen. You can use Guitar Tools in your practice sessions with its database of scales and arpeggios and you won't need additional apps for a tuner and metronome as Guitar Tools comes with those as well.

FretBoard LE: Visualize Chords & Scales

by TheMM

If you play a stringed instrument from guitar and violin to even lute, dulcimer, or mandolin, FretBoard has you covered with an immense library of chords and scales. The interface can take a little getting used to but you have to give FretBoard credit for covering such a large array of stringed instruments. Best of all FretBoard LE is free and if you like what you see you can upgrade to the full version.

Guitar Jam Tracks: Acoustic Blues

by Ninebuzz Software LLC

Let's face it, practicing can be boring and tedious especially in the beginning stages. When starting to learn an instrument, we want to get to jamming on real tunes as soon as possible. With Guitar Jam Tracks on your iPhone you can get to playing along with other musicians while you are learning your basic scales and chords. The app will show you chords and scales that will sound good with the accompaniment so that you can get your fingers around licks that sound impressive. With Guitar Jam Tracks on your iPhone you will be anxious to practice your chords and scales.

iReal b

by Technimo LLC

If you are a working guitarist, particularly jazz guitar, then you are familiar with the Real Book. With over 900 jazz standards you can now access the most used lead sheet book right on your iPhone or iPad. Tunes can be easily and quickly transposed or edited. With iReal Book on your iDevice you will never have to turn down an invitation to sit in.