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Apps for Job Hunting

Everyone knows the economy is in the tubes right now. It's hard enough to just find a job in general, but have you put any thought into finding a job you don't mind going to? Probably not if you are having a hard time just finding one that doesn't entail asking if they'd like to Super Size. It's never a good thing when you spend the majority of your week in a place you despise so I have dug deep to find some quality apps to make searching for a job faster, less painless and more fulfilling. Just don't forget about me when you have those *extra tickets* to a Cowboys game.

Job Search


Ok, to start out the list you need the meat and potatoes. On the iPhone that would be Job Search. First off, whats important to you in a job searching application? Free? Check. Fast and Easy to Navigate? Check. Search by location? Check. Email the job posting? Check and mate. This is exactly where you want to start looking if you have a career in mind. The ability to send the job posting to your email is essential if you want to attach your pre-made resume to it and really flesh out the written parts.


by Escargot Studios, LLC

Ahh Craigslist. Whether you love it or hate it, it's power to move both materials and people (don't buy or sell people...) is unmatched. A widely used feature of the site is its "Jobs" and "Gigs" section. This is by far the best app to access that information, and it's free. If there is a phone number in the ad, this app will make it clickable. Email? No problem. Pictures? Automatic. If you can't find a job with Job Search, this is a good second option. (Note: Please watch for scammers and "sales" jobs.)

Resume App

by Vurgood Applications

You found a job, now what? You need a resume to send them. With Resume App you will be able to map out a fairly broad and well thought out resume all on your phone and send it along to your (or their) email. There are some drawbacks, like a 75 character cap in the boxes... I almost didn't recommend it because of this BUT who's got your back? Me. Think outside the box. This app's shortcoming is really your gain. You should write a few quick words down for each box, a basic outline, and then forward the resume on to yourself. There, in Microsoft word (or if your cheap, Open Office is a free version.) you can really fill it out and type quicker and more accurately. You'll probably find yourself writing much clearer, and more thought out passages this way. So, thumbs up for a quality template on the go. It's really the best choice out there.

Text Editor Pro

by Impact Financials, Inc.

While not at all needed, and for most of you not even wanted, I had to add it. If for WHATEVER reason, you need a resume edited, and need it edited NOW, use this in conjunction with Resume App to pretty much (with some hassle) do everything you could do on your laptop. Think of Microsoft word, dumbed down in your pocket. Word of warning: This is not for the average user! Power users will likely be the only ones able to navigate all the features and make the most out of the ten bucks but I didn't feel right not telling you guys what your best mobile option was. Works online and offline and you have the ability to email the finished product. Ah the wonders of technology.


by Object Enterprises

This is one of my favorites in this list: Interview Survival Kit. If you've ever been to an interview before, you know that it could be an awkward experience. Each interview is a different beast you have to tackle and this app will put you at a great advantage from the time you send the resume to the time they say, "See you Monday." This app comes with a lot of resources like a time table of to dos from 72 hours before all the way to only 5 minutes left and tips like "Don't brush your teeth in your interview outfit" or "Google Map your route a day before." Nothing is more frightening then the clock ticking on your appointment, and you can't find parking. That's just the beginning; with videos, blogs and a few anagrams, you'll be checking your farmville at work in no time--- I mean, becoming an asset to the company of course. (I never said this app would break your old bad habits)


by Evernote

This one's simple. You need a To Do list and no one does it better then Evernote. Anything that pertains to that once in a lifetime interview should be stored here. Names, numbers, little bits of info about the company you want to remember, maybe a note to pick up your favorite shirt from the cleaners. An organized person is a ready person.

Google Search

by Google, Inc.

Google. Why? Because like everything in life that you need answers to, Google is there for you. If you're serious about getting the job, and if you're reading this I know you are, you're going to have to look up some info on the company. Going in blind is never a good idea. Is there anyone better at looking stuff up then Google?

iHome+Sleep, the alarm clock app from the experts on alarm clocks

by iHome

Finally, a part of the job hunting experience too many people overlook: Sleep. With the iHome dock you can manage your sleep and be alert on the day of your interview. You can set custom alarms with custom sounds (even internet radio), get weather notifications (imperative if you live in a place likely to rain whenever it feels like it) and even track your sleep patterns to know how long your out each night. It's a handy little way to get that one extra leg up on the competition. So in closing, be prepared, get some rest and good luck.