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Best Apps for Non-Musicians

It's not uncommon for people to want to play a musical instrument, but not want to actually learn how to play one. While the apps in this AppGuide will not get you playing at Carnegie Hall, they will suffice for making music that you can call your own.


by ZooZ Mobile Inc.

ZOOZbeat is a little hard to describe, but what it does is “recreate” music from various artists. After buying some tracks from the store you have GarageBand-like functionality with various instruments. The app also has some neat multiplayer modes that seal the deal, making this app an amazing option for non-musicians. And at a price of free, there is no way you can pass up on ZOOZbeat.


by Smule

The makers of Ocarina describe it as turning your iDevice into an ancient flute, and that is exactly what it does. Playing this “flute” is simple, all you have to do is blow air into your device's microphone and tap the touch buttons to create different sounds. The app gives extremely easy-to-follow instructions on how to play songs, and it almost creates a magical experience. Best of all, Ocarina is social; meaning you can listen to other users’ songs as well as share your own for all to hear. A truly amazing app that everybody should try.

Magic Piano

by Smule

This fantastic app by the makers of Ocarina make playing the piano as easy as using your iDevice. After grabbing a song that you want to play, the app will allow you to follow the beams of light to hit notes. Best of all, Magic Piano offers one top song for free every day. Like Ocarina, you can share your songs and check out other users’ music as well. Overall, with a price of free there is no reason that you should not be using this app, even if you are a pro pianist.

iTrump - '2-inch Trumpet' with Trumpad

by Spoonjack

iTrump is a great app that appeals to trumpet players and non-musicians alike. It has the ability to create a realistic trumpet experience by blowing air though the microphone and play actual trumpet notes and a follow along mode (like Tap Tap Revolution) that lights up the notes to play during a song. This app is recommended for people who want to play the trumpet without having to learn how to play the trumpet. It could also be a fun supplement to your real trumpet learning.

Drum Kit Pro

by CrimsonJet, Inc.

Drum Kit Pro is one of those apps that is just fun to use. What is does is let you to choose a song from your music library and then gives a set of drums to add recordable beats to that song. You also have the option of playing with no music at all with one of the included kits which include Classic, Rock, Hip-Hop, Techno and Dance. Drum Kit Pro is a pretty neat app for the non-musician but even a pro will find this app to be useful and just plain fun.

Musician's Little Helper

by Marco Ferraguti

Musicians Little Helper is a bit more complicated to use than the other apps here. It gives you a sheet of music that can be represented using the labeled keys on the virtual keyboard. Overall, the app is a bit hard to use for people who have never picked up an instrument (although it is doable) and does not work well on such a small screen.