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Making Renting Painless

Do you rent an apartment? Are you ABOUT to rent an apartment? With this applist, we'll make the process as painless as possible, and no, we won't pack for you!


by Primedia

If your looking to move and your looking to rent then this application is for you. Browse locations by map or your current location, save your favorite, see pictures and information and have all the contact info right there at your finger tips. All of this wrapped in a nice UI.

Craigsphone - Craigslist for iPhone

by Next Mobile Web

Craigslist is probably one of the best places on the net for people to find free and cheap items from other regular people. Sort of like a giant yard sale. What you can also do with it is search for apartments. CraigsPhone makes this process painless with its app. View pictures, respond to articles and post your own all very easily and efficiently. When viewing housing, you see a location, price and even a picture before even clicking on the article. Even doesn't let you view the pictures before clicking. Give this a try if Apartments doesn't net you anything of interest. Or even better, use both!

Lease Maker

by iQuick Tools

Lease Maker, while mainly for landlords, can be converted quickly and easily for tenants too! Ever wanted to rent out a room? Or lay groundwork with a roommate? This makes professional looking documents in minutes and they can be emailed to you for further editing or sending later! Never be misunderstood about who is taking care of what bills and when they are due again.

ServiceMagic Home Improvement

by IAC Mobile

Service Magic has been used by me for some time now, and apparently they decided to port their excellent service over to your iDevice. Service Magic allows you to search for top rated contractors and repair professionals in your area. You can even view pictures of popular projects other people are doing. Occasionally when you are renting and you have a problem you might hear, "Get it taken care of and take it off the rent with a receipt." Well, take advantage of that and have it done right the first time.

DIY Calculator

by CleverMatrix Ltd

So you found an apartment... Now what? Do you want to throw up some paint? Wallpaper? Maybe even rugs? If you need to paint a few rooms or put some flooring down you're going to want to know how much materials your going to need to complete the project. DIY Calculator will help with finding out how much materials you will need for painting, wallpapering, tiling, and flooring. Save money and trips by buying exactly what you need. All the data you enter can be saved in app, or if you're loved one has already made a run, you can email his or her smartphone with the updated list.

How To Videos from

by Howcast

Don't want to find someone to do your project or are short on funds? Do it yourself with Howcast. With this simple app you can view just about anything you can dream up, and plenty of stuff you can't. The ability to add a job to your favorites for later viewing helps you create a sort of "to-do" list of projects so you can tackle them one by one, with the help of the internet of course.


by Evernote

Evernote is the iDevices premier to-do list. And its free! Make lists with audio, pictures or text and sync them to your pc. When you're renting, there is always something to do. With the ability to make picture to-dos, you can also take pictures of any damage that might be present in the apartment. You don't want to get blamed for someone else's hole punched in the wall. Personal Finance


Keep a tight budget with Is there anything more frustrating then trying to save for the first of the month's rent when you have no idea whats coming and going in your bank account? Its easy with Mint. They break down your spending into things like "food", "bills", "entertainment", etc and they even track your 401k or IRA for you. Worried about keeping your data safe?, bought by Quicken a while back, uses the same software and third parties the banks use. Once you create an account, will track your spending habits, bills, investments and even notify you of any large purchases and they will put it into an easy to read, SAFE mobile format. Look, they couldn't make budgeting any easier if they tried.


by Yelp

My last two selections for you are purely for your entertainment and to help you ease into a new location. First is Yelp. If you are moving into an unfamiliar area, there really is no better way to find local eateries and hotspots then Yelp. Search locally, or in a town over and bookmark places you like. You can even use augmented reality when out for a walk to get business info.


by redbox

Redbox is pretty self explanatory. If you have one nearby (Don't know if you do? The Redbox App is location aware, it will find it) you can browse the kiosk's movies so you don't have to bother going out if it is out of the new Twilight installment. If you have an account, you can even reserve a movie at the Redbox kiosk by entering your credit card number. For a dollar a day, where else can you get a movie for a night in? Trust me, this is great the first few nights when there is no cable hooked up yet!