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Apps For Total Body Fitness

A healthy lifestyle is important year-round, but summer presents a perfect excuse to get serious about it. If you’re going to drop the fat and stay in shape, you're going to have to be committed every day of the year, and these apps will help you do just that.


by Gianluca Musumeci

Here is an app that will get you to the gym and pumping good, old-fashioned iron. Let’s face it. If you want to look like the models in the Bowflex and Total Gym commercials, it’s not going to happen with the “apple a day” mentality. It’s going to take some blood, sweat and tears. But don’t worry, egoFITNESS has you covered. With this app you’ll be able to see an infinite amount of workout routines, not just four or five. Every day is different. All you need to do is input your sex, age, and level, which muscles you want to train, and egoFITNESS will do the rest, giving you animations and video clips of every single exercise (over 180 of them), overseen by Leo Caminotto, Body Building Europe Champion twice over and number 2 Mr. Universe in 1992. This app also provides manuals on supplements, diet, training injuries, and lots more.


by Neoos

There is nothing worse than losing count during your pushup routine. With iPushUp, you will never have that problem again. Just lay your iPhone or iPod Touch on the floor right above your head and between your hands. Every time you dip down for a rep you touch your iDevice with the tip of your nose for an audible click noise, telling you that you have done a pushup. Easy, huh? iPushUp lets you manually set a personal aim for each workout, and remembers that goal and your last count between sessions. You can even listen to your device during the workout. So crank up that Rocky soundtrack and go get ‘em, tiger! Just remember to have a towel handy.


by Looti Inc

Keep track of your training exercises with this handy app that lets you accomplish your fitness goals YOUR way and at YOUR pace. Follow simple animated images with some predefined exercises to begin with, and then–if the predefined 245 exercises aren’t enough for you–you can move your way up by defining your own program and your own exercises. Other features include the ability to leave and come back to a program at will, save your finished workouts to a log, full scheduling capability with a built-in calendar, ability to add notes at anytime, and tons more.

EatRight - Daily food log diet checklist healthy nutrition guide

by Steven Romej

With the name of an app called EatRight, you know you’re going to be healthy. EarRight lets you track your consumption of all the food groups, the water you guzzle down, and even the crap you know you shouldn’t be eating while using an app called EatRight (so, you can throw those Ding Dongs out the window right now, or give them to your fat, out-of-shape buddy). In essence, you can make your own diet and track how much of what kinds of foods you’re consuming because it’s all about quality, not quantity. After all, if you’re eating ten pounds of strawberries a day, you won’t be feeling too healthy.



So the first thing you do to begin your fitness program is run down to GNC and by a 70-pound canister of chocolate whey powder because you read in a magazine that “whey is the way!” Hold on there, Mr. Over-Achiever. Before you start slamming the protein mix, let mySupplements tell you about the proper timing and dosage of your supplements and the best ones for you. By recommending only supplements that have stood as beacons of achievement for years, the most effective supplements, and supplements that will assure you don’t grow unwanted things in unwanted areas and are safe to consume, mySupplements stands as THE guide for nutrition buffs the world over.

Sun Alert

by Orlin Kolev

Look, who wants to go through all the trouble of staying fit, eating right, and exercising if your skin looks like elementary school paste? With Sun Alert, you can give your newly ripped body a healthy tan it will never forget. Sun Alert calculates the amount of sun your body can handle at one time to avoid looking like a pink piñata and dropping to the ground from heat stroke. Just plunk in one of 192,000 cities in 237 countries, and Sun Alert will automatically fetch UV radiation data, proper Sun Protection Factor (SPF), UV index information, and much, much more to avoid becoming a raisin.

All-in Pedometer


Awkward name, powerful app. Jogging nuts should love this one. Like most pedometer apps, this one knows when you’re walking, running, or jogging, and keeps track of all of those bubbling, festering calories you’re burning off as you walk, run, or jog your cares (and fat) away. But this particular pedometer allows you to set diverse objectives like burning a certain amount of calories or walking for 5.247 miles, and allows you to listen to your iPod music while your doing it (you can even create an independent playlist right inside the app itself). Keep track of things like distance, speed, step count, time, and more with All-in Pedometer.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

by FatSecret

Counting calories just got a whole lot simpler with Calorie Counter by FatSecret. But I have my own fat secret for you: this calorie counter is chock full of nifty extras like a journal to record your progress, a diet calendar, a food diary, an iPhone 3GS-optimized barcode scanner to scan nutritional labels, and a weight tracker. Never again be in the dark about how many calories your shoving into your mouth.

Dental Expert

by Cosmetic Innovations, Inc.

Let’s be honest here: nobody cares what you look like if you have a mouth full of cavities and unfinished root canals. Take charge of your choppers with Dental Expert. This app includes everything you need to know to improve your smile, how to choose a good dentist, things you should know to keep your teeth forever, teeth whitening, the ten best ways to save on dental costs, the effects of Tobacco use and gum disease, and about a billion other things every tooth-wielding human should care about when it comes to healthy teeth.

Health through Breath - Pranayama

by Saagara

Do you have asthma? How about high blood pressure, migraines, or depression? If so, you’re in luck. No, really. These are just a few of the symptoms you can actually reduce by practicing Pranayama. Piranha what? Pranayama is the art of breath control, and when used in combination with yoga techniques can lead to less stress. That’s always a good thing, right? Let this app guide your breathing with soothing music and be in control of your life.

Pocket Yoga

by Rainfrog, LLC

Listen up you Yoga practitioners: give that annoying yoga instructor your best yoga finger and try Pocket Yoga instead. With over 145 illustrated poses with correct posture and positioning, you’ll never have to worry about passing out and falling over in front of your yoga class again. Detailed voice and visual instruction guides you through every pose, all while actually breathing. Choose from 3 different levels of difficulty and duration, which totals 27 different sessions. It’s time to get your yoga on!


by Mobidham

Listen, to be fit you’re going to have to drop the Mt. Dew; you know that, right? Now you can at least keep track of how many ounces of the green bubbly your irrigating through your intestines with iTrackDrinks, a beverage tracker that keeps track of your liquid consumption like soda, coffee, alcohol, and water. Never again wonder why you’re thirsty. Just peek at iTrackDrinks and see that you haven’t had a sip of water since your cousins Bar Mitzvah last Saturday because you’re belly was too full of alcohol.