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Apps For Surviving Tough Economic Times

The current economy has a lot of folks struggling. Luckily, there are some apps that can help. From tracking and saving money to earning more, your iDevice can help you survive and thrive the downturn. Personal Finance


Whether we’re in the midst of a recession or not, it is absolutely essential to stay on top of your finances. Keep track of everything you earn and spend and save. Create a budget and stick to it with this one fabulous iPhone app.

Debt Free - Pay Off your Debt With Debt Snowball Method

by Mobile Innovations LLC

Paying off debt is the first step towards economic stability. Let this attractive, universal app help you get rid of that looming debt and stay out of debt. Using the Debt Snowball method, which focuses on one debt at a time while paying down the minimum on your other debts, you’ll be debt-free before you know it. If you have only one or two debts, you can use the free lite version instead.


by Bloomberg Finance LP

Once you’ve figured out your finances and paid off your debt, you’ll have a bit of money to invest. Bloomberg, the trusted name in finance, has a great free app to help you track and analyze the market so you can invest that money. There is also a separate iPad version.

GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas Prices

by GasBuddy Organization Inc

You’ve created a budget, paid off your debt, and invested in the stock market. How can you save money on a day-to-day basis? One quick and easy way to save some dough is by paying less at the pump. Gas prices have skyrocketed of late, so let this crowd-sourced gas price tracker for your iPhone help you fill your tank for less.

Key Ring Reward Cards

by Mobestream Media

Where else can you save money on things you need to buy? Want to take advantage of stores’ loyalty perks but don’t want to carry around a key ring full of loyalty cards? Key Ring Reward Cards is here to help. In addition to whatever savings the loyalty cards impart, Key Ring alerts you to additional sales, deals, and discounts available at your favorite restaurants and stores.


by Cardstar Publishing, LLC

CardStar is nearly identical to Key Ring Reward Cards, but I keep them both on my iPhone because they always carry totally different offers. I suppose it’s because each developer has relationships with different companies. Also, CardStar has a separate iPad version, which Key Ring does not. They’re both free, and easy to use -- simply scan your loyalty card and it’s in your iPhone. Why not grab them both and see how many discounts you can find?

Coupons and Shopping - GeoQpons

by XYMOB Inc.

Another great way to find discounts is GeoQpons. Find coupons and deals in your area on stores, restaurants, and more with this free iPhone app. I always take a quick look at GeoQpons when heading out to shop or grab a bite to eat. As long as you’re spending money, you may as well see if you can spend a little less!


by Groupon, Inc.

Groupons are very popular right now. They aren’t exactly coupons, they are really gift certificates you can buy at a deep discount. Manage your Groupons with this app; you can both buy and redeem them right from your iPhone (plus there is also a free iPad version of this app). No printing necessary. But be warned: the Groupons DO expire, so don’t forget to USE them before they do! You’re only saving money if you actually use the Groupons, otherwise you are simply throwing money away.

RL Classic

by Occipital

Another great way to save money is to comparison shop. But who has time to run from store to store? RedLaser makes it easy. When you’re in the store, before you make a purchase, simply scan it into RedLaser to compare prices on the item both locally and across the internet. Never overpay again!


by SpinDance

Now that you’ve found all sorts of ways to keep track of the money you have and save money on your purchases, how about earning a little extra dough on top of your regular job? If you’re 18, have reliable transportation and an iPhone, then you can make money delivering items for other people. Simply check the Zipment job postings and choose the errands that fit your schedule. Who wouldn’t like a little extra cash?


by Gigwalk Inc.

Not too keen on delivering things or just need some more paid “micro-errands” to run? This app is all about being in the right place at the right time. Gigwalk jobs generally consist of simply snapping a photo of a particular business, and then reporting what you have seen. If you live in one of the eight major U.S. cities in Gigwalk’s system, you could become part of their workforce and earn some extra money on the side.

Job Search


Your day job isn’t cutting it, even with the extra side jobs you’ve gotten with Zipments and Gigwalk? Perhaps it’s time for an entirely new job. Job Search, the free universal job searching app, is here to help. With millions of job listings every day, you’ll be sure to find job that will be right up your alley.


by Lifelike Apps, Inc

In these tough economic times, more and more people are turning to Craig’s List to find a job, get bargains on used items, and make some cash selling their unwanted stuff. Unlike many other resale sites, Craig’s List charges no listing/selling fees that cut into your profits. There are many Craig’s List apps, but this one is universal, so you can use it on all of your iDevices.