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Apps For Super Bowl XLVI

In 2008, the New England Patriots, who were undefeated at the time, entered Super Bowl XLII as heavy favorites over the New York Giants, who were merely a wild card team. In a drama-filled game, which went down to the wire, the Giants pulled off one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history. On Feb. 5, 2012, these two teams will meet again in Super Bowl XLVI. Here are some apps to get you ready for the big game and to maximize your enjoyment for when you get there.


by NFL Enterprises LLC

This official guide for Super Bowl XLVI is sold by the NFL and presented by Verizon. The heart of the app is a 3D map of Indianapolis, complete with an interactive close-up of Lucas Oil Stadium, where the game is being played. The app also serves as a detailed guide for local businesses, as well as the special events leading up to the game. You can also use the app to find parking and to follow trending information from fans, players, and football insiders.

Super Bowl XLVIII – NFL Official Program

by NFL Enterprises LLC

If the NFL's official guide is not enough information for you, download this free souvenir game program, also official, and also sold by the NFL (though presented by Chevrolet). The app features a wealth of information including scouting reports, pertinent articles, and highlight-filled media clips. To get you hyped for the Super Bowl, this app allows you to not only relive the past season, but also past Super Bowls. You can even spin around a 3-D model of the coveted Lombardi Trophy.

Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App

by NFL Enterprises LLC

While the NFL's Super Bowl Guide and Game Program are free, it is currently charging $2.99 for its Commemorative App. Please note that this is a pregame discount, which will likely rise in price after the game is over. The app features an in-depth look at both the Giants' and Patriots' road to the Super Bowl, along with stats, recaps, and detailed breakdowns of each game played. It is an eye-catching app chock full of beautiful photographs and high quality video. There is a level of depth and depth of analysis here, which is not found in the official guide or program. Furthermore, more content will be added after the game is over, including interviews and highlights from the game.

SB Nation - Sports News

by Vox Media, Inc.

My preferred form of digesting sports news is through sports blogs, which often exhibit a level of passion and community not found in traditional news outlets. Some of the best sports blogs are found on SB Nation, a sports network with more than 300 individual sports communities. The SB Nation app, aside from some reported crash issues, is a fantastic way to digest its blogs. You can browse the newsfeed or add your favorite team or blog. It also provides a very simple way of scanning through fan comments, which is one of the most engaging features of the app. Fans of the Giants should check out the Big Blue View blog. For Patriots coverage, visit Pats Pulpit.

Giants Fan: New York Football News, Info


This app, and its sibling Pats Fan, aggregates information from sources such as Wikipedia, Twitter, and YouTube to create a one stop shop for information about the Super Bowl teams. Users can learn the history of the teams, watch related video clips, read relevant tweets, and more. The app's interface is by no means a professional one, but it serves as a useful dashboard for team-specific data.


by Electronic Arts

When it comes to football games, Madden is the standard. This latest iteration is not the best Madden, but it's still Madden. Hardcore gamers may be disappointed by the somewhat shallow gameplay, but the graphics are gorgeous and the game is good enough for casual fun. If you're a Giants or Pats fan, it's a great way to take control of your team and take them to a championship.

Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials


Many people watch the Super Bowl for reasons other than football. One big alternate motivation is commercials. The Super Bowl is a marketing bonanza; ads have almost become as important as the game itself. This app captures some of the best commercials from recent Super Bowl history, along with previews and prereleases of some new ads, which will be aired on Sunday.

Ultimate Bet Pro

by Markese Enterprises, Inc.

Gambling is another large part of Super Bowl culture. Ultimate Bet Pro is an iPhone bet tracker for not just NFL football, but other sports as well. In addition to providing multiple ways of tracking bets, the app also provides important game information, such as stats, weather, and injury reports. There are also line movements from major odds makers.

Pizza Hut HD

by Pizza Hut, Inc.

It is very important to get the right food for the big game. Pizza and wings are a standard choice. While everyone has their own preferences, Pizza Hut was chosen over competitors Papa John's and Domino's because it has the best app implementation for getting food for the game. Papa John's doesn't even have an iPad app. Domino's Pizza Hero is an interesting app, which allows you to make your own pizza, as if it was a game, and then order it through Domino's Web site. But the Super Bowl is not about making pizza; it's about eating it. Pizza Hut's app is not only functional, but it presents its food in an appetizing light.

Super Bowl - Know It All

by Know It All Apps

After all your Super Bowl research and preparation, you can test yourself with Know It All Super Bowl. The app is extremely basic. It's just 80 multiple choice questions, in four packs of 20. There's nothing special about the app itself, but the content presents a good way to gauge the breadth of your Super Bowl knowledge. It's also good practice for the final app on this list.

Chevy Game Time

by General Motors Company

When the game finally begins, Chevy Game Time is a great companion to have by your side. It brings an added dimension of interactivity with quizzes, polls, and Twitter. More importantly, you get the chance to win prizes, including a brand new Chevy vehicle. While it's a blatant marketing ploy on the part of Chevrolet, it's also a fun way of experiencing the Super Bowl in a new manner. Even if your team loses, you could still be a big winner.