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Auto Preparedness Toolbox

Ever been on the side of the road and didn't have AAA? Well as long as you have your iPhone loaded with these apps you should be okay. The best part is no monthly fee!



We all know that auto bodywork can be some of the most expensive repairs you’ll ever make. So why drive around town in your damaged car drawing attention to yourself and wasting hours finding a decent repair shop? All you need is CrashSpace! In four easy steps you’ll have the right shop at the right price. All you do is enter your vehicle information, take and upload photos of your damaged vehicle, enter personal information that is never shared, and validate the account. CrashSpace sends this information to repair shops near you and they bid on your repairs. As soon as a shop bids or sends you a message, CrashSpace automatically notifies you via email. It’s that simple. Check it out!

RepairPal: Auto Repair Expert

by RepairPal

Has your car ever broken down in the middle of a city you’ve never been to before? Ever tried finding a mechanic in said city? If you’re like me and you don’t exactly have mechanic shops memorized in every state and know next to nothing about fixing cars, then RepairPal has you covered. RepairPal is more than just an app, it’s a maintenance service. Find a quote on a repair so you know what the fair market value is, search for a mechanic in the area, and locate the nearest tow truck service. All free!

Help I Crashed My Car

by Summit Mobile Solutions, Inc.

It’s difficult enough to remember to how to turn off your engine, let alone all the other things that need to happen after a crash. Help I Crashed My Car hooks you up with everything you may or may not need in case of an accident: police, ambulance, hospital, insurance company and agent, towing, rental car, and body shops are all included. Help I Crashed My Car also contacts up to three family members so you’re always in contact with those that can help you the most. Another great thing about this app is the ability to fill out an Accident Report and take photos of the accident scene and send the report and photos to your insurance agent.


by TuneyFish

For you DIY enthusiasts, here is an app that will teach you how to check or repair certain parts of your vehicle and perform maintenance. Built into the app are a series of videos on how to perform certain things like checking your oil, checking belts, changing tires, replacing fuses, jump starting the engine, and others. You can also pause, stop, and return to the chapter at any time.

ExpertVideo: Car Repair Basics

by Interave Media LLC

Just like the app name suggests, this is an app full of videos that teach you everything you need to know to repair (or help you repair) your vehicle. Videos include topics such as changing a flat tire, replacing wheel bearings, bleeding brakes, checking fluids, checking battery fluid leaks, changing oil, and many more.

Mechanic Exam

by Wallsberg

Looking for some practice exams to ace your ASE test? You found them with Mechanic Exam. The app includes engine repair, automatic transmission, and manual drive and axles. This is series one.

iLocate - Automobile Parts

by Brighthouse Labs

With this handy app you can search a database for all of the Automobile Parts stores near you with directions, contact info, and so on. Features include search by GPS, one click calling with the iPhone, and one touch searching.

Auto - Fix a Flat

by McApps

How many times have you fixed a flat tire? How many times have you gone to fix a flat tire and have forgotten how? Yeah, me too. Do yourself a favor and add the Auto – Fix a Flat app to your automobile repertoire so you don’t have to sit in the sweltering heat or the frigid cold waiting for a friend or your dad to pick you up. Compatible with most makes, models, and years.


by AutoZone, Inc.

What list would be complete without the beacon which is Auto Zone? With the free Auto Zone app, you can access their free vehicle repair guides at any time, create shopping lists, check pricing and availability, locate the nearest store, and track your rewards.