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Five Best Free iPad Apps

Whether you are a new iPad user or are very familiar with your tablet, there are five very good apps that we think every iDevice owner should own. Some of these apps have been around for a while, but are still essential. Thankfully, most have been newly redesigned. Perhaps the best thing about the apps in this AppList is that they are all free, so you can enjoy downloading them without hesitation.

AccuWeather - Weather for Life for iPad

by AccuWeather, Inc.

When you wake up and grab your iPad, the first thing you may want to do is check the weather. After all, knowing what the elements have in store for you will allow you to efficiently plan your entire day. AccuWeather - Weather for Life for iPad has a gorgeous user interface, making it pleasurable to look at while having your morning coffee or tea. The app is easy to read through and navigate while featuring extremely accurate weather information for over 2.7 million locations. Some of the features provided include severe weather alerts via push notifications, customizable weather conditions in or outside of the USA, humidity, visibility, wind speed, allergen specifics that could affect how you will function outdoors, and much more. The app is also interactive with Apple Maps. It has iCloud synchronization, news and weather videos (many of which are available in English or Spanish), and social media sharing capabilities. AccuWeather is a must for those wanting a free, full-featured weather app for the iPad.

USA TODAY for iPad


Once your day is planned according to the weather, head on over to USA TODAY for iPad for your news fix. The print is easy to read and there is a handy side bar for different section or types of news to view. Whether it is entertainment, sports, money, world, or tech-related news you want to keep up to date with, you will find it all within USA TODAY. If you are reading a story and don't have time to finish it, the app allows you to save your article and continue reading later. A gallery of photos and videos is also available for your perusing pleasure if you are interested in visually interacting with the day's news. You are also able to choose from a list or a grid, depending on how you prefer to view headlines. If you didn't have time to check AccuWeather for your forecast, USA TODAY for iPad has support for that as well.

Skype for iPad

by Skype Communications S.a.r.l

Now that you are prepared for the weather and know what the latest news is, stay connected with those you love by using Skype for iPad. The app will allow you to make a voice call, video call, or send an instant message to others who also have Skype installed on their iDevice. Signing up is quick and easy, and anyone who has Skype will be able to interact with you for free. The app has HD quality video, clear and crisp sound, and you are able to use their services on Wi-Fi or 3G and up. The only thing you would have to buy credit for is if you want to call mobile lines, landlines, or send SMS messages. Also, don't worry if your friend or family member uses a different device - Skype is available on most smartphones, Macs, PCs, tablets, and TVs. Communication is key, and it's even better when it is free.

FAYVE: Find and Watch Movies and TV Shows on All Your Favorite Streams

by Vulcan Technologies, LLC

Time to relax? Use Fayve to find a good movie to watch. This app will help you find movies or TV shows based on what you like from services such as Netflix, iTunes, Hulu and Hulu Plus, YouTube, Crackle, Amazon, and many more. Fayve makes your down time even more enjoyable because you'll find everything you want in one place, eliminating the need to flip channels or search through tons of menus. Log in to Facebook to provide likes, dislikes, or see what friends are watching and loving. The app provides daily updates and personalized recommendations. You can customize your own channels. It even has thousands of trailers to watch. When you want to discover an old or new movie or TV show to kick up your feet and enjoy, this is the app for you.